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Almost 80% of HackerYou Applicants are Female

We’ve all heard the stats. At a time when a university would be proud to have a freshman computer science class with 20% females and when Hacker School has to partner with Etsy in order to attract more females to the program (a move I applaud, by the way), we’re finding that HackerYou is in a really different situation. So far, almost 80% of HackerYou  applicants are female. And we’ve received almost enough great applications to fill this fall’s class.

What’s the recipe? I don’t think we know enough to say just yet. HackerYou certainly had a head start in this area because of the team that founded it: Breanna, Laura, Melissa and I have been running Ladies Learning Code together for almost a year. But there might just be more to it than that. And if there is, we intend to find out more. Because the “women in tech” problem is a tough one to crack, and I think we’re at the point where any lead is worth investigating.

Make 2012 the year you learn to code! Apply to our Introduction to Web Development course before June 30th for earlybird pricing – it’s less than $39 an hour! The course begins on September 17th, and we’d love for you – whether you’re male or female – to join us. Apply now.

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