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Canada’s first programming bootcamp

There’s never been more energy around the importance of learning to code.

But sometimes videos, one-day workshops and Codeacademy doesn’t cut it. Neither do many university or college courses. At HackerYou, we’re on a mission to offer the best learning experience for people who want to learn to code. Our recipe is a combination of hands-on, project based learning from the best in the industry. Small classes and a 10:1 ratio of students to instructors. Housed on a central campus that inspires. With both full-time and part-time courses, HackerYou can fit into your life.

This is the year you should finally learn to code. You can climbe the corporate ladder, upgrade your skills, or start an exciting new career. We’re here to help you get there.

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Why HackerYou?

  • Hands on, project-based learning

  • Learn from industry leading professionals

  • Small classes with a low ratio of students to instructors

  • A social and collaborative learning environment

HackerYou’s talented lead instructors and dedicated mentors are the reason Alumni are so proud to be part of our community. Hear what people are saying.

  • Our learning environment

    We operate a 12,000 square foot, custom-designed learning center in downtown Toronto. Outfitted with four huge classrooms, open work and lounge spaces, two kitchens and more, HackerYou's office is one of the coolest in the city.

  • The best classroom experiences

    We design all of our courses with the student in mind. From pre-class meet n’ greets to celebratory Demo Nights and ongoing events for alumni, every HackerYou course is designed to be more than just a course - it’s a learning experience. Once you’ve done it our way, you won’t want to go back.

  • Bright and collaborative spaces

    When we designed HackerYou, we decided to dedicate more than half the square footage not to classrooms but to hangout space. With floor to ceiling windows, the common area is warm and inviting. It’s also super flexible - we can host up to 200 people in the space when we need to!

  • The best alumni community

    With over 250 part-time and 100 full-time students each year, the HackerYou alumni community is always growing. With a dedicated Community Development Coordinator on our team, there will always be opportunities to stay involved in the HackerYou community once the formal classes are over. Monthly side project sessions, weekend offsite retreats and an Alumni Lounge are just a few of the events you can expect from the HackerYou community.

  • Build your network

    HackerYou is bursting at the seams with people just like you. People who know that learning to code is going to advance their career. You'll build an amazing network while you're here - you'll get to know fellow students, but also instructors, mentors and HackerYou staff. And who knows? You might even make some long-lasting friendships. It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

The Team

At HackerYou, we love what we do. Our team is made up of some of the very best in the industry. Everyone on our team has something else in common, too. We love teaching. This isn’t just a job for us. It’s our opportunity to help people change their lives. And guess what? It’s a lot of fun. Follow us at @hackeryou.

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Heather Payne




Heather Payne is a Toronto-based entrepreneur with a passion for education. In 2011, she started Ladies Learning Code, now a national non-profit serving Canadians in over 20 cities across the country. In 2012, in response to requests from Ladies Learning Code participants, she founded HackerYou to bring longer-term coding training to Toronto. She now operates HackerYou full-time and serves over 600 students a year. In 2013, she was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women for her work exposing women and girls to programming and technology.

Ryan Christiani

Lead Instructor, Web Development



Kristen Spencer

Lead Instructor, Web Development



Simon Bloom

Lead Instructor, Web Development



Sylvia Nguyen

Assistant Instructor & Developer



Wes Bos

Lead Instructor, JavaScript & WordPress



Anne Thomas

Lead Instructor, Web Development


Haris Mahmood

Lead Instructor, Web Development



Ricardo Vazquez

Lead Instructor, Web Development & UX Design



Marki Sveen

Lead Instructor, Web Development


Jordan Deutsch

Lead Instructor, Web Development



Linda Nakanishi

Lead Instructor, Design



Troy Boileau

Lead Instructor, SEO



Ryan Brunner

Lead Instructor, Ruby On Rails



Eunice Bae

Operations Manager



Christopher Miller

Student & Program Manager


Eva O’Brien

Community Development Coordinator


Siobhan Özege

Digital Marketing Manager


Arianne Glavina

Office Manager


Hiring Partners

HackerYou bootcamp graduates are hired by amazing companies, in Toronto and beyond. Our graduates can now be found working at:

What people are saying

  • I moved across the country a week earlier and immediately felt at home. HackerYou is like summer camp for people who are ready to start doing meaningful work and change the world. I made lifelong friends, learned an entirely new skill set and changed my life.


    Graphic Designer turned Developer, Designer & Community Manager at Vendeve

  • Honestly, there are plenty of ways you could learn to be a professional web developer. HackerYou teaches that really well, but they also work to build towards all the best parts of what the tech industry can be; exciting, diverse, and incredibly social and friendly.


    Comedian turned Freelance Web Developer

  • Facing a dead-end career, I decided to attend HackerYou. Now I have a rewarding job and a great career path. I've met friends I'll have forever, and had an experience I'll never forget. I finally know where my life is headed. And I'm psyched.


    Former librarian, now realizing her dream as a front-end developer for Shift Health in Toronto

  • HackerYou gets you ready for the industry. You leave not only equipped with fundamental skills and industry best practices but also the right attitude that coding is creative and fun. The diverse and inspiring community of people drives you to always challenge yourself.


    Musician turned developer, now employed at Dynamo in Montreal

  • If you’re on the fence about coming or unsure if it's worth the investment: trust me, it is. HackerYou has taken me from a hobbyist with an interest in building websites to a full-fledged, competitively trained professional web developer.


    Theatre Director to Freelancer, implementing creative solutions for clients

  • Curious about front-end web development, I joined HackerYou. Nine weeks later, I left with many incredible memories both inside and outside the Lab, with and without a computer. Now I have vision and clarity, and I love what I do!


    Backend developer turned full-stack developer, now working with cutting-edge tech at rangle.io

  • I really love the alumni presence at HackerYou. As someone new to the tech industry, the mentorship and insight from alumni who have been in my shoes has been invaluable. I look forward to mentoring the next cohort and perpetuating this cycle of success!


    Innkeeper turned web developer, now crafting compelling experiences at Jam3

  • The group that HackerYou brings together are intentionally diverse in their backgrounds: librarians, receptionists, journalists, freelancers, and of course, designers. But we all have one very important thing in common: we want to create beautiful, interactive web experiences.


    Designer turned developer, now working at Facebook in Menlo Park

  • I got the feeling that there was something more than code I was going to learn at HackerYou. I had found a community passionate about learning and helping one another. I felt at home.


    Graphic designer turned developer freelancing in Pune, India

  • At HackerYou, there’s a sense of community; everyone has a passion for what they’re doing, the teaching is infectious. I have a different outlook on work and life in general now. I feel a lot more positive.


    Musician turned developer now working in the startup world at Peekapak