by Heather Payne Tuesday February 9, 2016

The Rise of Designers Who Code

Hamsa Ganesh was looking for answers: how could she offer her clients websites as tasteful and sophisticated as the graphic design work her firm in Pune, India was known for? According to Hamsa, the answer came in a post quoting Read more…

by Heather Payne Monday April 13, 2015

Welcome Home

This post was written by Winston Chow, who is a graduate of our front-end bootcamp and a Front-End Developer at Demac Media. You can find his original post and more of his work here. There are places in our lives Read more…

by Christopher Miller Wednesday December 10, 2014

2014 Year in Review: Awesome Guest Speakers

This year, during our four full-time bootcamp we invited a number of our pals and colleagues, folks we met at conferences and generally awesome people who are at the forefront of their respective industries to come in and chat with Read more…

by Heather Payne Friday November 15, 2013

Life as a Freelancer — Notes and Video Recording

This post was originally published on Wes Bos‘s website at Three things I love are coding, teaching and running a business. I’m fortunate enough to do all three for a living. Doing so I get a ton of questions Read more…

by Heather Payne Monday July 29, 2013

Life Lessons from Three Shopify Execs

Last week, the HackerYou Summer Academy cohort had the incredible opportunity to sit down with three of Shopify’s executives to talk careers, life, and tech. From our outdoor session with Harley to our intimate Q&A with Daniel and our ice Read more…