by Heather Payne Friday May 6, 2016

HackerYou grads launch new female run digital agency

Jordan Deutsch and Trudy MacNabb met early at HackerYou, arriving each day of our Winter 2015 Bootcamp before many of their classmates were even awake. The early risers started attending crack of dawn yoga classes together, chatting over shared breakfasts Read more…

by Heather Payne Tuesday March 1, 2016

Rethinking a Career with Passion in Mind

After years performing with a punk band, Kevin LeClair was certain his future career would have to include an element of creativity. He wanted to be passionate about his work, but finding a place in the business world was so Read more…

by Heather Payne Friday July 3, 2015

Work from our Part-Time Web Dev Students

When HackerYou first started in the fall of 2012, we offered part-time courses on one topic — Web Development. It was hosted at the Centre for Social Innovation and our students learned HTML & CSS from Wes Bos, a fantastic developer and Read more…

by Christopher Miller Wednesday December 10, 2014

2014 Year in Review: Awesome Guest Speakers

This year, during our four full-time bootcamp we invited a number of our pals and colleagues, folks we met at conferences and generally awesome people who are at the forefront of their respective industries to come in and chat with Read more…

by Christopher Miller Friday October 3, 2014

64 Companies Where Our Students Want to Work.

We always like to ask our Bootcamp students where they’d like to work when they’re done HackerYou. It’s a fun exercise in exploring what’s out there in the industry. Also, it’s a great reminder of the variety and depth of Read more…

by Christopher Miller Wednesday July 16, 2014

The 60 companies where our students want to work

This month we started another Full-Time Front End Bootcamp and because our students are such interesting folks with interesting plans we like to ask them for their dream companies that they would like to work for. Here’s where they want to work: Read more…