Students who complete our part-time Intro to Web Development course are eligible to receive a $1,500 scholarship if accepted to the Web Development Immersive program! Students who also complete Advanced Web Development are eligible for an additional $500 scholarship. On top of that if accepted to the Web Development Immersive, students who have taken any of our other part-time Intro courses are eligible to receive a $500 scholarship, and an additional $500 scholarship for taking the Advanced course. If you’ve taken both the part-time Web Development courses and another set of part-time courses – you can combine your scholarships and receive $3,000+ off the program. Other than that, we don’t offer any internal forms of financial aid, grants or scholarships. Our friends at Borrowell and Financeit do provide personal loans to HackerYou students enrolled in part-time courses and full-time courses, though! Due to the competitive nature of our programs, we normally aren’t able to offer payment plans. However, if a student has a specific situation, we’ll always do our best to accommodate. For all of our part-time courses, a deposit of $1000 plus HST is due immediately upon registration to secure your spot in the course. The remaining balance is then due two weeks before the program begins. Tuition MUST be paid in full before the program starts in order to gain access to course resources including course notes. For our Web Development Immersive, 50% of tuition is due immediately upon acceptance into the program, plus a $100 registration fee. The remaining 50% is  due two weeks before the program begins. Not yet! Private Career Colleges must be in operation for 2 years before students are eligible to apply for OSAP. Our Web Development Immersive was only registered as an approved program under the Private Career College Act 2005 in December 2016. Please note that when we are OSAP-eligible, it will only be for our full-time program and not part-time courses. If you’re employed and interested in taking a part-time course with us, we’ve partnered with Borrowell, who offer personal loans to students enrolled in our part-time courses. Unfortunately, at this time we don’t accept payments by credit card.  You can make payments by e-transfer (sent to, cheque (made out to HackerYou Inc. which can be mailed or dropped off), or by wire transfer if you’re sending funds from a bank outside of Canada. As a registered Private Career College in Ontario, we provide T2202a forms for students who complete the Web Development Immersive program. For students who completed this program before January 2017, we cannot retroactively issue T2202a forms. Unfortunately, due to our standing as a Private Career College, we cannot provide a tax form for any of our part-time courses, as they are not diploma or certificate programs. For more information on Ontario’s Private Career Colleges, check out the Private Career Colleges Act 2005. If you’ve been accepted into the Web Development Immersive program, there is a $100 registration fee. Optional fees may include up to $650 for web hosting, domain names, website designs, or fees for a laptop rental. Some of our part-time courses (UX Fundamentals & Advanced UX) require students to use paid software including Sketch. Only our Web Development Immersive program qualifies for Second Career funding. Prospective students who are interested in this funding will need to apply directly to Second Career before submitting an application to HackerYou. Yes! In fact, we have had many students successfully apply for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) to attend our part-time courses. This grant provides direct financial support to employers who wish to purchase training for their employees. For more information about the Canada-Ontario Job Grant, visit the website.
Part-time Courses
We want you to love learning with us. If for some reason you don’t, you’ll receive a prorated refund based on the date you drop the course, minus the course registration fee of $250 plus HST. To drop a course, please submit your request in writing by emailing us at  
For full details on our refund policy for our Web Development Immersive click here.  
Space Rentals
As of January 1st 2017, cancellations with over 14 days notice prior to the booking date will receive a full refund. Cancellations over 48 hours notice will receive 70% of their payment refunded. Full payment will be charged if an event is cancelled less than 48 hours​ prior to booking date.   To cancel a booking, please submit your request in writing by emailing us at All refund payments are made by cheque and by mail.  
Please email us at least seven days before the workshop date. No refunds will be given after that date.   For more information about all of our refund policies, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Admissions and Courses

We accept students to our part-time courses on a rolling basis, so there is no deadline to apply. However, our courses tend to fill up quickly, so we always recommend you apply sooner rather than later. All prospective students must apply online using Yes, we do and have accepted international students to our programs in the past. Students applying to the Web Development Immersive with a non-Canadian postsecondary diploma must have their degrees assessed as equivalent to a Canadian postsecondary diploma or degree by a recognized assessment service. HackerYou does not require you to have a particular type of visa in order to attend due to the length of our programs. For more information, you can learn more about being a Visitor to Canada on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Website. If you wish to stay and work in Canada after the program, please note that HackerYou is unable to assist students in obtaining a Canadian Working Visa. We encourage prospective Web Development Immersive students to look into the process before applying to the program as to not delay your job hunt upon completion of the program.

Students are expected to bring their own laptops to class. Although we don’t have a preference for what you use, some courses and workshops do require the use of a Mac laptop. Students who enrol in the UX Design or Digital Design courses must use a Mac laptop as you’ll be using Sketch, a program that isn’t currently available for PCs.

If you are unable to provide your own, we offer a limited number of Macbooks for rent at a rate of $100/month plus HST with a refundable security deposit of $250. Please let us know as soon as possible if you require a laptop rental.

For all other HackerYou courses, there is no preference on whether you use a Mac or PC, so long as it’s running an up-to-date operating system.

Typically, our courses have approximately 30 students, with a goal of 10:1 student-to-mentor ratio. We prefer to keep our classes small to ensure all students receive the support they need to maximize their learning! All of our part-time courses requires a minimum time commitment of approximately 10 hours a week: 6 hours of class time and roughly 4 hours of homework. Our Web Development Immersive program, on the other hand, is designed to be an intensive program. In addition to 35 hours/week (Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm minus a 1-hour lunch break) of in-class lessons, exercises and project work time, students are expected to commit to 20-40 hours a week outside of class. Students who complete the Full-Time Web Development Immersive program will receive a certificate. We do not provide certificates for our part-time courses. We’re happy to provide documentation of completion for part-time courses, however, if required by your employer. Although not necessary, we do find that students get a better learning experience by taking both courses back-to-back. Typically, Fundamentals courses cover the foundations very deeply, while Advanced courses put that knowledge into practice with portfolio-worthy projects. Yes! Any student who completes an Intro course is eligible to take the corresponding Advanced course for $500, no matter when they take the course.
Web Development Immersive
Due to regulations under the Private Career Colleges Act, students enrolled in the Web Development Immersive program must attend exactly 315 hours of class to receive their certificate.  
Part-Time Courses
It typically isn’t an issue to miss one or two lessons over the whole program. We have several options for catching up! Firstly, our notes are extremely comprehensive. Students can read over the notes in advance to catch up on any missed material. Class notes also include links to in-class exercises which students may work through on their own, and then review with a mentor during the next class. We request that students notify us if they know in advance that they will miss a lesson. Secondly, due to our 10:1 student-to-mentor ratio, there is a ton of support during and outside of class to ask questions about any material that is unclear, as well as a half-hour optional review period before each class. Mentors host office hours once during the Intro course and once during Advanced to help with any questions on exercises or projects.   Thirdly,  we have a super active alumni community that you can access during your course (and after!). Each full and part-time course has a dedicated channel to share resources and ask questions, as well as a general #help-me channel to ask any questions you may have about course  content.   If you know ahead of time that you will be missing more than two classes, we recommend waiting until the next available session to maximize your learning. Our Web Development Immersive is graded. The program includes one exam, three tests and seven projects. Although  our part-time courses aren’t graded, our instructors do provide timely feedback on each of the projects that are submitted so that you can get a sense of how you’re doing. We want our courses to work for your schedule and your life. If you need to change your program’s start date, we’ll try our best to accommodate. If space permits, we’ll move you into the next available session. If you want to defer an Advanced course after completing the Intro, we will retain prepaid course fees and give you priority in the next available session. Please contact us at as soon as possible so we can  accommodate your request. Our part-time courses are non-vocational programs and are not designed to help with a career change. They are a great way to learn a new skill, though! If you’re looking to learn how to code, we recommend our part-time Web Development Fundamentals & Advanced Web Development courses. These are designed for complete beginners. You’ll start by learning the very basics of HTML, CSS, and responsive web design.  By the end of the Advanced course, you’ll be able to code a responsive multi-page website entirely from scratch! Maybe! While we don’t have any sessions currently scheduled, if there is enough interest, we will absolutely consider scheduling another session! Please get in touch with us at to let us know if you’re interested in the Ruby on Rails courses.

Web Development Immersive

Yes! We were approved as a registered Private Career College under the Private Career College Act, 2015 in December of 2016.
Here at HackerYou, we focus on finding the best path and fit for every student that comes through our doors.
The first step in the application process is a timed video interview, to help give us a better sense of your goals and your skill level.
Once video interview has been submitted, you’ll be asked to complete a technical challenge, which tests your knowledge of HTML, CSS and responsive design.
From there, applicants who have submitted a strong tech challenge and video interview will be invited to attend our in-person group interview.
Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance the following week.
Applicants to the Web Development Immersive will be required to successfully complete a technical assessment in HTML & CSS, so students will have to have some existing coding experience to be eligible for the program. A great way to prepare for the Bootcamp is our part-time Fundamentals & Advanced Web Development courses. Those courses will give students an extremely strong foundation in HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design which will help prospective students complete the challenge easily and ensure they’re prepared for a program as rigorous as the Bootcamp. While our part-time courses are not mandatory as a prerequisite, students who complete the part-time Fundamentals & Advanced Web Development courses prior to applying for the Bootcamp are eligible for a $2000 scholarship. Almost 100% of our graduates seeking full-time employment are hired within three months of graduating the program. Throughout the program, we do as much as possible to help in the job search including sessions on personal branding, resume and portfolio building. We also host an Industry Day at the end of the Bootcamp, where students network with our hiring partners and have the opportunity to showcase their portfolios.   Upon graduation, students work one-on-one with our CEO, Heather, on their job search. She helps students structure their search, troubleshoot job hunt challenges and even helps negotiate contracts. Once students find their first job, we provide Alumni with ongoing support, either by hosting professional development and career coaching sessions, or having Alumni stop by for advice. Yes! Mature students are welcome to apply, but they must achieve a score of 18 on the Wonderlic Mature Test. Learn more about the Wonderlic test at We do not. In 2017, to better prepare students for the industry and for entry-level jobs, we removed WordPress from the Bootcamp, replacing it with more robust JavaScript programming (we’ve added React and Firebase to the curriculum). We offer part-time Intro & Advanced WordPress courses, though! You can check those out here. The Bootcamp is built up of a diverse group of students that are motivated, intellectually curious, and have chosen to study at HackerYou for a reason. They consider themselves lifelong learners and creative problem solvers, and show energy, drive and leadership potential. They have an understanding of their current skills, a desire to learn and improve, and an understanding of the steep learning curve ahead. They’re able to remain positive and focused while gracefully accommodating new ideas, changes, distractions, or challenges, and will thrive in our fast-paced environment!


Yes! HackerYou was professionally designed as a customizable event space, perfect for everything from workshops to meetups to parties. We have four bright and modern classroom spaces with varying capacity. For amenities and pricing, visit:, or get in touch directly at Yes! HackerYou provides hands-on, project-based learning for executives, agencies and non-technical teams to help them thrive in today’s digital economy. At your office or off-site at HackerYou in Toronto, we’ll take your team through a one-day development or design workshop. Through lessons and hands-on exercises, participants will use what they learn throughout the day to build a final project from scratch. For inquiries, please get in touch with our Partnerships Manager, Sarah Kestenberg at If you’d like to become a hiring partner, attend our Industry Day or post a job to our alumni network, please reach out to our Partnerships Manager, Sarah Kestenberg at We don’t have any programs for kids, but our friends at Ladies Learning Code do! They have an initiative called Kids Learning Code which hosts workshops, camps and afterschool programs for kids aged 6 to 17. Our space at 483 Queen Street West is wheelchair accessible, however our space at 485 Queen Street West is not. We’re always happy to be flexible and move events or classes around to accommodate any accessibility needs. While we don’t have any housing options, we’re happy to help out-of-town students find housing for the duration of their program! Most folks have used the combination of Craigslist and similar type sites and/or AirBnb to find something that works for them and their budget. We also have a great network of alumni who are always keen to keep an eye out for vacancies! We invite everyone who submits an application online to come by for an in-person interview and tour of our space! We prefer to learn a little bit more about your goals and background before you stop by, so that we can best help you figure out the best path for you. If you’re interested in a tour, you can submit an application at Once you fill out the application, someone from our team will review it, and will be in touch with the next steps

What if I have more burning questions?

We’re happy to answer them! Send us an email to!