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Why hire a bootcamp grad?

During their nine weeks with us, HackerYou students spend over 400 hours learning HTML5, CSS3, responsive design, JavaScript, jQuery and React and Firebase. With backgrounds in design, marketing, video editing, technical writing and more, one of these students might just be your next hire. Our bootcamp graduates' skills include:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • jQuery

  • RWD

  • React

  • Sass

  • api

  • Sublime

  • Gulp

  • Github

  • Standards

  • HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design
  • Precompiled syntaxes such as Jade and Sass
  • Javascript fundamentals, jQuery and Sass
  • React and Firebase application development
  • Building robust, fast, single page applications using React and Firebase
  • Version control and open-sourcing code using Git and Github
  • Workflow automation and Javascript tooling with Gulp
  • Sublime Text
  • Paired programming & working in teams
  • Best practices for modern web development
  • Website accessibility requirements

What sets our students apart?



Our graduates have made major financial and time investments in their technical skill sets, and they're eager to prove themselves. It's hard to find this kind of passion elsewhere today.



Diverse teams perform better. At HackerYou, 65% of our bootcamp graduates are female. Ramp up your organization's diversity levels and give your team an edge.

work experience

Work Experience

Almost all our graduates have previous careers, in areas such as design, marketing, video editing, copywriting and more. Their experience means they'll have an easier time getting up to speed - faster.

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Upcoming Recruitment Events

Spring 2018 Cohort

Demo Night

June 6, 2018


Come and check out our Spring 2018 bootcamp graduates' final bootcamp projects and portfolios. Snacks and beverages will be served!

Industry Day

At this event, you'll have the chance to spend 90 seconds with each of our bootcamp graduates and view their portfolios - speed-dating style! Once you've met everyone, there will be time for refreshments and mingling.

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Meet our Grads

Gab White
Freelance Developer & Designer
Gab White Art & Design

I moved across the country a week earlier and immediately felt at home. HackerYou is like summer camp for people who are ready to start doing meaningful work and change the world. I made lifelong friends, learned an entirely new skill set and changed my life.

Asaf Gerchak
Freelance Developer
Coder of Note

Honestly, there are plenty of ways you could learn to be a professional web developer. HackerYou teaches that really well, but they also work to build towards all the best parts of what the tech industry can be; exciting, diverse, and incredibly social and friendly.

Emily Porta
Front-End Web Developer
Shift Health

Facing a dead-end career, I decided to attend HackerYou. Now I have a rewarding job and a great career path. I've met friends I'll have forever, and had an experience I'll never forget. I finally know where my life is headed. And I'm psyched.

Nancy Naluz
Front-End Developer

HackerYou gets you ready for the industry. You leave not only equipped with fundamental skills and industry best practices but also the right attitude that coding is creative and fun. The diverse and inspiring community of people drives you to always challenge yourself.

Wisam Zaghal
Software Developer

Curious about front-end web development, I joined HackerYou. Nine weeks later, I left with many incredible memories both inside and outside the Lab, with and without a computer. Now I have vision and clarity, and I love what I do!

Frank Wang
Junior Developer

I really love the alumni presence at HackerYou. As someone new to the tech industry, the mentorship and insight from alumni who have been in my shoes has been invaluable. I look forward to mentoring the next cohort and perpetuating this cycle of success!

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Why HackerYou?

Hands on, project-based learning

Learn from industry-leading professionals

Small class with a low ratio of students to instructors

A social and collaborative learning experience

Our Clients

  • Visa
  • Toronto Public Library
  • Cossette
  • TorStar Digital
  • U of T
  • Creative Niche
  • Vision 7

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Our programs are led by industry leaders
with a passion and talent for teaching.

One-Day Workshops

At your office or off-site at HackerYou in Toronto, we’ll take your team through a one-day development or design workshop. Through lessons and hands-on exercises, participants will use what they learn throughout the day to build a final project from scratch.

Prices start at $3200 for up to 30 people

Includes three dedicated instructors
Participants must provide their own laptop
Price does not include HST

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  • HTML & CSS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • React
Part-Time Evening Courses

We run part-time evening courses throughout the year. Support your employees’ professional development and send them to one of our courses:

Experience 12 weeks of learning (24 classes) for $2800 + HST

Includes a 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio
Participants must provide their own laptop

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