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Meet Our Spring '14 Full-Time Web Development Bootcamp Students!

With one cohort under our belt, we kicked off our Spring 2014 nine-week full-time web development bootcamp just last week. The 23 people listed below have backgrounds spanning from graphic design, and IT, to health, comedy, and pastries. It’s clear why this diverse group was chosen for the program. Allow us to introduce the amazing folks who have joined us for this nine-week adventure:

Anna Colebatch – @anna_cdot

Linguist at heart; love building accessible websites and making the internet a happier place.

Anna Born in: Witzenhausen, Germany
Education: MA in Applied Linguistics, BA in Communication and Liguistics
Languages spoken: German, English and some Spanish
Previous occupation: Communication Instructor
Fun fact about me: My bookshelf is colour coded


Corbin Jensen – @corblog

Web Developer Specializing in Front-End, UX/UI – In pursuit of the perfect code – Blogger @

Corbin Born in: Lethbridge, Alberta
Education: Hard Knox University
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Managed I.T. Consultant
Fun fact about me: Once lived in a Minivan for 3 months exploring Canada.


Daniel Guay  @workingangles

My collar is blue, I learn, I do.

Daniel Born in: Cornwall Ontario
Education: School of Technical Hard Knocks
Languages spoken: English, French
Previous occupation: IT Manager
Fun fact about me: I’ve been tricked into bungee jumping.


Emily Porta – @agentemily

Web developer and librarian who loves community building, teaching, and the startup world.

Emily Born in: Niagara Falls, ON
Education: Master of Information, University of Toronto
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Librarian
Fun fact about me: I’m learning to drive a motorcycle!


Jennifer Abela-Froese – @jabelafroese

Graphic Designer, Front-End Web Developer and Lover of Dance.

Jennifer Born in: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Education: Bachelor of Graphic Design, York University/Sheridan College
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Graphic Designer
Fun fact about me: I have a strangely loud clap.


Jessie Willms – @jessiewillms

Web developer, designer, digital story teller.

Jessie Born in: Waterloo, ON
Education: Communications, University of Ottawa
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Designer,
Fun fact about me: Totally terrified of escalators when they are turned off, and revolving doors.


Jonny James – @RamblaPacifico

Long Distance Runner. It’s either Code or the Road.

Jonny Born in: Guelph
Education: Biological Anthropology
Languages spoken: English, “Street-Level Japanese”
Previous occupation: Project Manager, Bam Digital
Fun fact about me: Ran the Boston marathon


Krisztina Kun – @kunstudios

Graphic designer + web developer. Maker + doer. Eastern Europe meets west coast.

Krisztina Born in: Timisoara, Romania
Education: BA, English, University of Victoria.
Languages spoken: English, Hungarian
Previous occupation: Graphic designer: Vancouver Public Library and Vancouver Community College
Fun fact about me: I’m from just outside Transylvania.


Lili Ye – @ielilies

A Toronto-based front-end developer who is enthusiastic about technology and traveling solo.

Lili Born in: China
Education: B.B.A. – Marketing
Languages spoken: English/Cantonese/Mandarin
Previous occupation: Software Trainer and Technician at Apple
Fun fact about me: I got my PADI scuba diving licence before learning how to swim.


Logan Greer – @logan_greer

Front-End Developer and UX Designer. If my computer is closed, I’m on my snowboard.

Logan Born in: Lindsay, ON
Education: Bachelor of Arts (Political Science, History), Trent University
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Action Sports Branding
Fun fact about me: I share the same first and middle name with the X-Men character Wolverine.


Margaret Reffell – @MargReffell

Web Developer | WordPress & e-Commerce | Food and Fitness Lover!

Margaret Born in: Burlington, ON
Education: Masters Degree
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Researcher/Health Practitioner
Fun fact about me: I have a cat with three legs.


Matt McFadyen – @mattmcfad

Toronto based Developer, World Traveler, Hockey Aficionado, Adrenaline Junkie, Cheeseburger Connoisseur

MattHeadshotBorn in:
 Toronto, ON
Education: BSc(Hons), Computer Science, UOIT
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Student
Fun fact about me: I am 22 and I have visited 22 different countries.


Meagan O’Hara @megseoh 

Front-end web developer who loves to code beautiful & responsive websites. Urban cyclist, compulsive list-maker, habitual DIYer, persistent cruciverbalist. Likes: design & avocados.

Meagan Born in: Sudbury, ON
Education: BA (Psych, French), 2/3 BFA (Drawing, Painting)
Languages spoken: English, French
Previous occupation: Freelance Programmer
Fun fact about me: I’ve had six wisdom teeth pulled.


Nerissa Martin – @JustNerissa

A web developer who writes.

Nerissa Born in: Toronto, ON
Education: Bachelor Degree / PR
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Corporate Communications
Fun fact about me: I will dance to anything!


Rasin Zakaria – @raaasin

Enjoys getting lost in (code), then finding the way.

RasinBorn in:
 Dahka, Bangladesh Education: HBA in Art-History
Languages spoken: Bangla, English
Previous occupation: Student; Graphic Designer
Fun fact about me: I love wasabi.

Rayhan Vevaina – @ray_vevaina

Web Developer. Writer. Design Enthusiast. Passionate about art, music, travel and self-development.

Rayhan Born in: Bombay, India
Education: Bachelor of Arts, York University. Creative Advertising Diploma, Seneca College.
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Advertising Copywriter & Marketing and Promotions Specialist.
Fun fact about me: I spent a year bartending at the largest bar in Vancouver!


Robin Woollacott – @rswoollacott

Always on an adventure in pursuit of health, learning and happiness!

Robin Born in: Prince George, BC
Education: In the midst of a Bachelor of Architecture – Design, previously, 2.5yrs of a BSc in Materials Engineering
Languages spoken: English, wee bit of Italian, wee bit of French
Previous occupation: Fishing guide, ski coach, student forever
Fun fact about me: I’ve woken myself up by giggling – mid August, I was dreaming of skiing steep fresh powder (heaven!)


Sarah Capecci – @sarahcapecci

I can finally say I love my job. It is very fulfilling and I am motivated to make a difference in people’s lives.

Sarah Born in: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Education: Bachelor of Economics, Universidade de Sao Paulo
Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish
Previous occupation: Stock Trader
Fun fact about me: I’m a very curious person. This is one of the reasons why I have learned so many languages (I like to know what people are talking about) – I guess I could apply that to coding as well. I like to know how things are built.


Simon Proudfoot – @proudfeet_

Working line by line to make the web a more awesome place

simonProudfootHeadshotsmallBorn in:
Education: University of Toronto
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: Pastry cook
Fun fact about me: Unwavering snack enthusiast

Vanessa Marion-Merritt – @vanessamerritt_

Design with Merritt

Vanessa Born in: the 80s
Education: Masters of Information Science, University of Toronto
Languages spoken: English, HTML, CSS
Previous occupation: Librarian
Fun fact about me: I’ve seen every season of Project Runway


Victoria Vaitekunas

Developer in training at HackerYou.

Born in:
Education: B.A. Studio Art, University of Guelph
Languages spoken: English
Previous occupation: I’ve run the gamut from office gigs to artist assisting.
Fun fact about me: I can do a cartwheel!


Wisam Zaghal – @_wzaghal

Ambitious Developer who’s passionate about music, startups and problem-solving.

Wisam Born in: Doha, Qatar
Education: Bachelor of Computing (Honours) Software Design
Languages spoken: English, Arabic
Previous occupation: Application Developer at Kingston Public Health
Fun fact about me: I’ve survived in -35 °C weather and 55 °C weather.


Zoe Daniels – @zoejokes

A web developer with a sense of humor.

Zoe Born in: St. Paul, Minnesota
Education: McGill University
Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish
Previous occupation: Comedian
Fun fact about me: Child model for a book about owning pet cats.



Wish you were part of this amazing group?

We still have a few spots left for our Summer 2014 cohort! It begins on June 30th and will be led by a very talented trio: Brenna O’Brien, Christina Truong and Drew Minns. Click here to learn more or apply.

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