Part-Time Full-Stack Masterclass

You’re living proof that you can become a developer without graduating with a computer science degree. It took hard work, dedication, time (and maybe a coding bootcamp!), but you did it. Now you need to get ready for the next stage of your career. Enter HackerYou’s Full-Stack Masterclass.

You’ll learn:

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • Build Tools


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Sundays + Every Other Wednesday
May 27 - Jul 29 (9 weeks)

Led by Simon Bloom
Guest Lectures by Simeon de Dios, CTO of Nascent
Mentored by Ksenija Gogic


This program is presented in
partnership with Nascent

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What is it?

meet our part time instructors

This unique course is designed to help bootcamp graduates prepare for the next stage in their career.

You did it - through hard work and dedication, you became a professional developer sans computer science degree. But you know that there are things people learn in Computer Science programs that would be useful to you. If you could combine your practical web development skills with some of these foundational Computer Science concepts, all while applying what you’re learning to develop full-stack development skills, you’d be almost unstoppable.

Enter HackerYou’s Full-Stack Masterclass. Using a format that’s entirely new to HackerYou based on what we know bootcamp graduates want and need, this 57-hour, nine-week part-time course is designed to fill in your gaps, push you to level up and ultimately narrow the gap between you and the Full-Stack Developer you admire most.

What can I expect?

HackerYou’s Full-Stack Masterclass utilizes a unique format designed to give Bootcamp grads the skills they need to level up in their career.

Features of HackerYou’s Full-Stack Masterclass:

  • It’s selective. Though we encourage anyone to apply, this course just isn’t a fit for everyone. With a maximum size of 25 students, we’re looking for top-of-their-class Bootcamp graduates for this program.
  • Leading-edge full-stack content. We have made a significant investment in building the right content for this course. Bring high expectations - what we teach you is going to have a tangible and significant impact on your career.
  • Led by Simon Bloom. Simon is one of HackerYou’s most knowledgeable, passionate and dynamic instructors.
  • Sunday classes. Rather than twice a week in the evenings like most of our part-time courses, our Full-Stack Masterclass takes place on Sundays from noon to 6 pm, giving us time to really dig in and explore complex concepts each class.
  • Computer Science lessons. Led by the CTO of Nascent, our Full-Stack Masterclass will fill in gaps in your knowledge by teaching Computer Science Fundamentals, led by one of Toronto’s most knowledgeable and passionate CTOs, Simeon de Dios.
  • More Project Work-Time. Every other Wednesday evening, there is dedicated project work-time where you’ll be assisted by Nascent’s cross-functional team. You’ll have access to engineers, architects, designers, and more.
  • UX and Design support. It’s critical that you leave the Full-Stack Masterclass with an impressive, polished portfolio piece that shows off your new knowledge and skills, which is why you’ll receive UX and design support throughout the program.

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  • 25

    students per class

  • 8:1

    students to instructors

Why Full-Stack Masterclass?

Tons of support

This fall’s Full-Stack Masterclass features lead instructor Simon Bloom. Our lead mentor is Ksenija Gogic, and Computer Science lessons will be led by Simeon de Dios, CTO of Nascent.

The best content

We've worked with professional educators (people with degrees in education!) to design our courses and develop our curriculum. The content and exercises are updated constantly to keep the material fresh and highly relevant.

Be a big fish in a small pond

Our Full-Stack Masterclass is limited to 25 students. This size allows our classes to be hands-on and project-based, but also social and collaborative.

Learn with the best and brightest

We’re looking for top-of-their-class Bootcamp graduates for this program. There’s an interview process and we’ll be accepting only those who are going to be a good fit.

Learning for everyone

This course is hands-on, project-based learning at its finest. Between Simon and Ksenija, we’re going to make sure you’re with us every step of the way. Our goal is to make your successful. No matter what.

Intensive learning

The nine-week format for this course was developed in an attempt to make learning fit your life. By joining us for six hours every Sunday, we’re able to really dig in and explore complex concepts each class.

A modern classroom

We use technology to make learning more efficient. Real industry tools like Slack and Basecamp connect students outside of class. Through our own course notes system, you’ll have access to updates long after the course has ended.

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noun_640012_cc Created with Sketch. Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

  • Top-of-their-class bootcamp graduates who are looking for an immersive part-time program designed to level up their skills, fill existing gaps and push them further.
  • Front-End Developers with 6-12 months of experience who feel they’re missing Computer Science fundamentals and know that becoming Full-Stack would lead to greater opportunities.
  • Ambitious Junior-Level Developers who want to take on bigger challenges and more responsibility at their current company, and don’t want to wait around - they want to advance their skills, now!

What will I learn?

Technical Topics

  • Advanced ES6 features
  • Functional Programming Concepts
  • Intro and Advanced React
  • MongoDB and Mongoose
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Deploying Full-Stack Applications
  • Build tools including Webpack and Gulp
  • Architecting data-driven applications
  • Computer Science Fundamentals
  • JavaScript

  • React

  • MongoDB

  • Express

  • Node

  • API

  • Github

What will I build?

You’ll build your best portfolio piece ever.

The goal of our Full-Stack Masterclass is to enable you to create a portfolio piece that showcases all of your skills and knowledge. We’ll even get you design and UX help throughout the process to make sure you create something you couldn’t be prouder of.

Bootcamp Week1


Created by Vladimir Baranov / Ivan Gudov

Bootcamp Week1

Book Buddies

Created by Robin Hamill / Jess Jones

Meet your instructors

Your Instructors

Simon Bloom


Simon is a developer, writer, and instructor. He has taught at both HackerYou and Ladies Learning Code, and currently works as a developer and Lead Instructor at HackerYou. Previously, Simon has worked at several digital production agencies, including Nascent, Jam3, and Grassriots. He is incredibly passionate about teaching web development, and loves helping students get excited about building beautiful web projects. Recently, his writing was featured on the website CSS-Tricks.

Ksenija Gogic


Ksenija works as a web developer at TWG in Toronto, where she gets paid to wrangle JavaScript into submission, make her team members laugh, and work on amazing web applications. Working in primarily React, Ksenija’s sole goal is to make user’s lives better, easier, and more fun through software. She aims to have the wit of Louis C.K., the intelligence of Hermione Granger, and the self-awareness of Katya Zamolodchikova.

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How to Apply

To apply for this course, you must work or have previously worked professionally in one of the following roles:

This course is ideal for Bootcamp graduates (whether you attended HackerYou’s bootcamp or another one) and self-taught developers, assuming you fit the NOC Code criteria above.

  1. Submit an application online before the deadline.
  2. Successful applicants will be contacted to complete an online timed video interview.
  3. Students will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Meet our students

  • Meet Curtis

    After working in bars for 10 years, I decided to learn to code. HackerYou's part-time web development class inspired me to learn things I never thought I could do before. Now, I’m making JavaScript applications!


    From cups of java to JavaScript.


    Part-Time Web Development

    Part-Time JavaScript & jQuery

  • Meet Simone

    Taking the part-time web development courses literally changed my life! It inspired me to take on client work in my spare time, and I've since grown those skills into a successful full-time business called Holder Web Design. My future looks so bright!


    From Ladies Learning Code to life-long learner.


    Part-Time Web Development

    Part-Time JavaScript & jQuery

  • Meet Stephanie

    I enrolled in a HackerYou course while working as an architect. I felt incredibly inspired and supported by the environment, and consider it one of the best learning experiences of my life. I recently moved to Rwanda to work remotely on the web!


    Architect turned globetrotter.


    Part-Time Web Development

    Part-Time JavaScript & jQuery

  • Meet julia

    I was an Office Coordinator at a fin-tech startup and had the opportunity to pursue design at HackerYou. The work we completed in class enabled me to broaden my portfolio and hone my skills in graphic design. My time at HackerYou allowed me to move from a job into a career.


    Office coordinator turned graphic designer and illustrator


    Part-Time Design Fundamentals

Our learning environment


HackerYou operates out of a 12,000 square foot, custom-designed learning space in Toronto

Outfitted with four huge classrooms, open work and lounge space, full kitchen, boardroom and more, conveniently located at 483 & 485 Queen Street West in downtown Toronto, HackerYou's office is easily one of the coolest in the city.

We did three months of renovations and worked with an incredible designer to make our vision a reality. We love it. And we think you will, too.

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HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment

Our space features:

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Sundays + Every Other Wednesday
May 27 - Jul 29 (9 weeks)

Led by Simon Bloom
Guest Lectures by Simeon de Dios, CTO of Nascent
Mentored by Ksenija Gogic


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