Part-Time JavaScript and jQuery

Level up your skills with JavaScript and jQuery! If you have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS, you can unlock the full power of front-end development by making your projects more dynamic and interactive with this programming language.

You’ll learn:

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery



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What is it?

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JavaScript can help you unlock the full power of your front-end skills.

Our part-time courses are taught by the best, and are an amazing next step for students who have completed Intro & Advanced Web Development (or equivalent). Learning JavaScript can help you unlock the full power of your front-end skills by making your projects more dynamic and interactive.

At HackerYou, we don’t create generalists. Our courses are meant to help you learn how to actually code. You’ll leave our part-time courses with tangible skills that you can put into practice in the real world. We’re thoughtful about what we include in our curriculum, and we ensure that there's time to cover our chosen topics thoroughly.

What can I expect?

In our Intro and Advanced JavaScript and jQuery classes, you'll learn the fundamentals of programming and build a strong foundation in programming concepts.

Our part-time courses are a blend of lessons and hands-on exercises. After each lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to test and strengthen your learning through an exercise or challenge. In Intro to JavaScript & jQuery, you’ll build a simple app from scratch using the skills you’ve learned. In Advanced JavaScript & jQuery, you’ll complete two projects to test and culminate your learning. If you take both classes, you’ll have built three complete applications from scratch and have learned by doing more than 75 code-along exercises.

In Introduction to JavaScript & jQuery, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming and you’ll build a strong foundation in programming concepts. Over six weeks, you’ll become comfortable with control flow and loops, functions, objects, arrays, manipulating the DOM and so much more, learning each concept through interactive lessons and exercises. You’ll then put these skills into practice for the first time by creating your first JavaScript portfolio piece.

Our advanced course introduces methods for building and managing your code in a modular and reusable way, allowing you to create larger applications with ease. You’ll explore AJAX and JSON, and how you can integrate APIs to create robust user interfaces. By the end of the course, you’ll have learned how to work with audio, video, and other external libraries to create rich web applications. The projects you’ll tackle will combine all the skills you’ve learned, enabling you to create portfolio-worthy masterpieces.

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  • 30

    students per class

  • 10:1

    students to instructors

Why part-time JavaScript and jQuery?

Tons of support

For all of HackerYou’s part-time courses, there are three instructors in every class. Our 10:1 ratio of students to instructors ensures that you can get the help you need at the exact moment you need it.

The best content

This course was developed by JavaScript master Wes Bos! We designed our curriculum to ensure what you’re learning meets industry best practices. Our content and exercises are updated constantly to keep the material fresh and highly relevant.

Be a big fish in a small pond

Each HackerYou part-time course has about 30 students. This allows our classes to be hands-on and project-based, but also social and collaborative.

Learn with the best and brightest

HackerYou's part-time courses are designed for tech-savvy beginners. We interview everyone before they're accepted to ensure they're going to be a good fit.

Learning for everyone

Our part-time curriculum was designed for everyone. Whether you like to learn with drawings and charts; by reading; or by listening and reviewing later – each lesson is accompanied by exercises to give you many opportunities to practice what you’re learning.

Intensive learning

Our part-time JavaScript & jQuery courses run twice a week in the evening. Over these six week courses you’ll work on over 75 in-class exercises and code-alongs with an incredible team of talented senior JavaScript developers to help you succeed.

A modern classroom

We use technology to make learning more efficient. We use real industry tools like Slack and Basecamp to connect students outside of class. We’ve even built our own course notes system, which gives students access to updates long after their course has ended.

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What will I learn?

Technical Topics

  • Fundamentals of programming using JavaScript
  • Built-in functions, and how to create and call your own functions
  • Creating, sorting, adding, removing, splitting and merging arrays
  • Data attributes and utility methods in jQuery
  • How to create and append elements to the DOM using jQuery
  • Using browser DevTools to debug projects
  • Best practices to keep code efficient and organized
  • How to read API documentation
  • Introduction to Firebase
  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • API

What will I build?

Learn to build dynamic applications from scratch.

One of the best things about the tech industry is that it’s about what you can build. At HackerYou, our emphasis is ensuring you can create dynamic projects that show off your skills. In both Intro and Advanced JavaScript and jQuery, you’ll build web applications from scratch. Check out some examples below:

Bootcamp Week1

Intro: Project One

User Interaction

For this project, you will compile everything you’ve learned so far! You'll get comfortable with the core concepts of JavaScript by creating a project like a calorie intake calculator, or a name generator.

Bootcamp Week1

Intro: Project Two

jQuery Interaction

For this project, you will build an app that uses the jQuery library, and interacts with HTML using events (such as a click!). This project will focus on the integration of jQuery and HTML, so it should be visually-appealing, as well as capable of taking input from the user.

Bootcamp Week1

Advanced: Project One

API or Video/Audio Project

This project will encompass everything we’ve learned so far. This is your time to push yourself and show off what you’ve learned. Your only requirement is to challenge yourself!

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Meet your instructors

Your Instructors

Anne Thomas


Intro: Sep 16 to Oct 28
Adv: Nov 4 to Dec 16


Anne is a front-end developer with a variety of experience in interactive design, UX and crafting clean code. She has a post-graduate certificate from Sheridan College in Interactive Multimedia. She’s worked at large advertising agencies, small development shops and government organizations. She loves to help people achieve that “lightbulb-moment” in class and watch them go on to create amazing things.

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Intro to
JavaScript & jQuery


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JavaScript & jQuery


plus HST

Want to take Advanced JavaScript & jQuery on its own? It's $1400 plus HST. Email us for details.

your learning

Students who complete Intro to JavaScript & jQuery are eligible to take Advanced JavaScript & jQuery for only $500 plus HST.

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Prices go up September 13, 2017


All of our part-time courses feature:

Immersive learning

You’ll be amazed by how much you can learn in a structured environment with awesome instructors and motivated classmates. It's nothing like learning on your own.

A talented lead instructor

All of our instructors have mastered their craft, but they also have experience teaching. More importantly, though, they’re passionate about passing their knowledge on to others.

A 10:1 ratio of students to instructors

Part-time classes are limited to 30 students, and we have three instructors at every class, perfect for when you need extra help or more of a challenge!

A tech-enabled classroom

We use Basecamp and Slack, two popular industry tools, to stay in touch during and between classes. Download the notes, share resources, ask for help - efficiently.

Tons of support

Join us at HackerYou on certain Sundays and get help with course content, work on your project, or learn something outside the scope of the course. The time is yours.

Meet our students

  • Meet Curtis

    After working in bars for 10 years, I decided to learn to code. HackerYou's part-time web development class inspired me to learn things I never thought I could do before. Now, I’m making JavaScript applications!


    From cups of java to JavaScript.


    Part-Time Web Development

    Part-Time JavaScript & jQuery

  • Meet Simone

    Taking the part-time web development courses literally changed my life! It inspired me to take on client work in my spare time, and I've since grown those skills into a successful full-time business called Holder Web Design. My future looks so bright!


    From Ladies Learning Code to life-long learner.


    Part-Time Web Development

    Part-Time JavaScript & jQuery

  • Meet Stephanie

    I enrolled in a HackerYou course while working as an architect. I felt incredibly inspired and supported by the environment, and consider it one of the best learning experiences of my life. I recently moved to Rwanda to work remotely on the web!


    Architect turned globetrotter.


    Part-Time Web Development

    Part-Time JavaScript & jQuery

  • Meet julia

    I was an Office Coordinator at a fin-tech startup and had the opportunity to pursue design at HackerYou. The work we completed in class enabled me to broaden my portfolio and hone my skills in graphic design. My time at HackerYou allowed me to move from a job into a career.


    Office coordinator turned graphic designer and illustrator


    Part-Time Design Fundamentals

Our learning environment


HackerYou operates out of a 12,000 square foot, custom-designed learning space in Toronto

Outfitted with four huge classrooms, open work and lounge space, full kitchen, boardroom and more, conveniently located at 483 & 485 Queen Street West in downtown Toronto, HackerYou's office is easily one of the coolest in the city.

We did three months of renovations and worked with an incredible designer to make our vision a reality. We love it. And we think you will, too.

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HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment
HackerYou Environment

Our space features:

  • A 60-person classroom
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  • 12,000+ square feet of work and lounge space
  • Two full event kitchens
  • Three meeting rooms
  • Ample quiet workspace
  • Private co-working desks for rent
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