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The WordPress Bos is Back!

Most of you know that I’m an instructor at HackerYou in Toronto where I teach a few of the part-time evening courses.

Right now I’m in the middle of a really great part-time JavaScript course, and I’m looking forward to the part-time WordPress course that we will be starting on April 3rd.

Ugh, WordPress, right? This course isn’t what you think you know about WordPress. It’s not poking at themes until they look half decent, stringing together a bunch of plugins to bend to your will or pasting a bunch of CSS into your theme editor and saying a prayer that it doesn’t break your layout.

This is a course for people who want to build complicated websites from scratch with WordPress — no theme tweaking here. We cover everything from the fundamentals of PHP all the way through to techniques for creating advanced and complicated interfaces in WordPress both on the back and front-end.  You’ll learn how to properly load and compile your Sass and JavaScript resources into a theme.

We will learn both the hard technical skills, but also the soft skills that I use to bill $130/hour for freelance WordPress consulting gigs. Powering approximately 25% of the world’s websites, WordPress enables you to create totally custom websites that are easy for clients to update and manage.  The customizable nature of WordPress makes it a slam dunk for non-technical users who need a site built that they can easily work with without going into the code. I’m going to teach you how, this Spring.

Interested? Come join me in person at HackerYou this coming April.

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