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SVG Web Animations with Nat Cooper

Two-day Workshop

Date: Sat. Sep. 16 2017 - Sun. Sep. 17 2017

Instruction by: Nat Cooper

In this workshop, participants will deep-dive into SVG (scalable vector graphics) and learn how to build web animations using CSS, JavaScript and a powerful animation library called GreenSock. Learners will be provided with a collection of SVG assets to use during the course of the workshop, for the hands-on exercises and projects. We will cover SVG anatomy and take a closer look at shape elements, paths, groups, and the viewBox. An overview of tools and resources for SVG optimization will be covered, along with hot tips on how to keep your - often complex and unruly - SVG files organized and under control. Everything we learn will be applied to two fun animation projects that we build and customize together.

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React Fundamentals with Wes Bos

One-day Workshop

Date: Fri. Sep. 8 2017

Instruction by: Wes Bos

This workshop is aimed at understanding the fundamentals of React. Throughout the day, participants will work to build an application by incrementally learning each fundamental concept in React. By taking the time to implement it into an application, participants will get a hands-on approach to understanding why and how React works.

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Building the Basics of Shopify Theme Development

Two-day Workshop

Date: Wed. Sep. 27 2017 - Thu. Sep. 28 2017

Instruction by: Up at Five

This workshop provides a holistic introduction to Shopify Theme development. We’ll start with an overview of the Shopify Platform and its role in the e-commerce market. We will then dive into the development environment, components of a Shopify theme, the Liquid templating language used by Shopify, the Shopify API, and other extensions to theme functionality.

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Building your own REST API with Node.js

Two-day Workshop

Date: Sat. Sep. 30 2017 - Sun. Oct. 1 2017

Instruction by: Ryan Christiani and Simon Bloom

Participants in this workshop will learn how to design, build, and deploy their own API. Join HackerYou instructors Ryan Christiani and Simon Bloom as they guide you through the principles and architecture of REST, the Node.js environment and Express library, and the database MongoDB. Upon completion of this workshop, you will be equipped with tools to successfully and deploy your own full stack application!

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Beyond the Basics of Shopify Theme Development

Two-day Workshop

Date: Wed. Oct. 25 2017 - Thu. Oct. 26 2017

Instruction by: Up at Five

In this workshop, participants will dive into available resources for more advanced customization of Shopify themes. We’ll go over the various APIs provided by Shopify and look at how we can integrate shop products into third party sites using the Shopify JavaScript SDK. We will then dive in and explore a relatively new feature to Shopify, Sections, which allows the developer to create modular templates that the store manager can add and edit. Finally, we will look at how you can use JSON to customize the available settings in your theme.

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