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HackerYou Admissions Process

Admissions Process_

Introducing Our New Application Process:

Since becoming a registered Private Career College in December of 2016, interest in our Web Development Immersive (Bootcamp) Program has exceeded even our greatest hopes. We’re thrilled by the excitement being shared about what we’re doing, and we appreciate every application that comes our way.

Due to the increased demand, we’ve made some changes to our admissions process designed to make it more fair and transparent for applicants, and also more manageable for us at HackerYou. Read on for details!

Application Process Details:

Step 1. Apply

The first step in the HackerYou Application Process is…to apply! You can submit an application anytime via this page. Each bootcamp has an application deadline, which we’ll publish once applications are open. Be sure to apply before the deadline. Though there’s a minor benefit to applying early (in that we’ll have more time to review your application), there’s no requirement to do so.

Please take time with your application! We ask these questions for a reason. Your application will be considered throughout the application process, and an application that doesn’t include enough details may be rejected.

Step 2. Video Interview

If we’d like to move forward with you after reviewing your application, you’ll receive an invitation to complete a Video Interview. You’ll be asked a variety of questions – both oral and written – and you’ll record your answers for us to review the next day.

Bring energy and enthusiasm to your answers! There aren’t any “right” or “wrong” responses to our questions – we want to see how you think through your answers. Show us who you are and what you’re about!

Step 3. Technical Assessment

We also want to get a sense of your HTML & CSS skills. They don’t have to be perfect! And people have been admitted to the bootcamp without extensive knowledge of HTML & CSS. It all depends on what else you bring to the table.

We’ll send you an email with some instructions for you to follow. Essentially, you’ll be required to try and replicate an image of a website using HTML & CSS and make it responsive. You can use the internet as a resource, so part of what we’re assessing is your ability to google things (a critical developer skill).

Not sure your HTML & CSS skills are up to snuff? There is still a place for you at HackerYou. Many (actually, most!) students who join our bootcamps actually get their start in our con-ed web development courses. We actually like when people start out slow – it gives you the chance to really explore web development to see if it’s the career for you, plus you get to take HackerYou for a test drive! We offer a $2000 discount on the bootcamp to anyone who completes our con-ed web development courses before being admitting to the bootcamp. We offer an additional $1000 discount on the bootcamp to anyone who completes any other con-ed courses at HackerYou, such as our con-ed JavaScript courses, which are also a great way to prepare for HackerYou’s bootcamp

Step 4. Group Interview

Based on your application, your video interview and your tech challenge, you may be invited to the final stage of our application process: a group interview! (If you’ve taken con-ed courses at HackerYou, you’re automatically invited.) Always held on a weekend, our group interview will have you joining other HackerYou applicants and the entire HackerYou team for a day filled with learning, hacking and fun. We’re keeping the details a secret for now, but just know that we’ve put a lot of thought into structuring the day so that everyone feels comfortable and safe. It’s definitely meant to be fun!

Step 5. Acceptances

Acceptances will be sent out in the week after the group interview. In general, we try and give applicants about six weeks’ notice if they’ve been accepted to the upcoming bootcamp, so that they have time to quit their jobs, find housing if needed, or otherwise prepare. Upon acceptance of our offer to join, you’ll be sent our enrolment contract to sign, and then you’ll receive an invoice for a 50% deposit (plus $100 registration fee). Once your deposit is paid, you’re all set!

If at any point in the process you are not selected to move forward or opt not to continue, know that you can re-apply at any time. We absolutely encourage it!


If you have any questions at all about HackerYou’s bootcamp application process, please email us at info@hackeryou.com.