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Beyond Bootcamp: How to Level Up your JavaScript Career After Bootcamp

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Beyond Bootcamp: How to Level Up your JavaScript Career After Bootcamp

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Beyond Bootcamp is now an additional course included after every Web Development Immersive Bootcamp. Future sessions of Beyond Bootcamp will also be open to all HackerYou Bootcamp Alumni who are ready to level-up their JavaScript skills.

Beyond Bootcamp is a part-time six-week course included after all Web Development Immersive Bootcamps at HackerYou from 2019 onwards. The course curriculum was created by Simon Bloom, Senior Web Developer at TWG and Lead Instructor of HackerYou’s Full-Stack Masterclass.

Beyond Bootcamp is perfect for those who have taken Bootcamp at HackerYou and are ready to level up - either by securing a new job or advancing in their current role.

This class is great for someone who has finished the bootcamp, but there were parts of the language they felt just didn't totally click for them. It's for people who want to make the transition from Junior to Intermediate. And I would argue that it's even for Senior Developers who want to refine and deepen their understanding of the internals of the language. This is the class that I wish existed when I was a student. - Simon Bloom

If you’re looking to level up your career, reconnect with the community, or simply strengthen your JavaScript skills, Beyond Bootcamp will help you get there. This six week course is packed full of JavaScript concepts that will upgrade your knowledge and help you launch the next phase of your career.

Beyond Bootcamp will run four times a year after every Web Development Immersive Bootcamp, and will also be available to HackerYou Bootcamp Alumni. If you’re interested in learning more about Beyond Bootcamp, you can apply now or download our Beyond Bootcamp Student Experience Package.

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