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Five Reasons You Should Learn to Code This Year

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Five Reasons You Should Learn to Code This Year

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Think coding skills are just for career programmers and developers? Think again.

As technology becomes a bigger part of our everyday lives, coding literacy is becoming more and more important. Read on for five of the top reasons we should all learn to code.

1. It makes you better at your job.

No matter where you’re working, chances are you'll have to interact with your company’s website or other digital assets. From empowering marketers to build their own landing pages or emails, to helping customer service reps better understand and answer customers’ more technical questions, becoming more digitally literate will make you more well-rounded, confident, and valuable.

Learn about how Deidre Olsen made her way into the tech industry by combining her Arts degree with coding skills - she's now a Digital Marketing Analyst at Dentons!

2. You’ll be able to communicate with your team more effectively.

If you’re already working with developers or other technical folks at your job, there’s no point in learning to code yourself, right? Not quite. Getting a handle on these skills will actually help you better understand what they do and how they work, which lets you communicate better with your team and set realistic expectations around project complexities and timelines. Plus, taking the initiative to learn so you can better understand where they’re coming from is sure to score you some points - both with your development team and your manager.

3. You'll train your brain to think in a whole new way.

Coding requires strong logic and problem solving skills and once you develop them, you’ll be able to apply them to all areas of your life. It also teaches you to find creative solutions to problems, hones your attention to detail, and encourages you to use your imagination, be imaginative, and build new things. If you love the thrill of solving problems, or the feeling of building and creating something new, learning to code is right up your alley. (Worried that it might not be for you because you hate math? Well, don't worry - that's a myth. You don't need to be good at math to learn how to code beautiful, responsive websites from scratch!)

4. It makes your side hustle stronger.

If you’ve got a side gig or passion project that you’ve created a web presence for, this one’s for you. Learning to code will empower you to create a compelling, user-friendly website that lets you tell your story exactly the way you want, without having to pay for someone else to do it. It’s better for your branding, your customer experience, and your bottom line.

5. You just might find your calling, and an awesome new career.

Tech jobs are some of the best-paying, most stable jobs available today, and they can offer great flexibility and opportunity for growth. Taking a coding course to build some basic skills might just be the first step you take on the path to starting a new career that changes your life - because you just might like it more than you expected.

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