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HackerYou Bootcamp Student Blog Post Roundup: Week 2

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HackerYou Bootcamp Student Blog Post Roundup: Week 2

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Last week marked the start of Week Two of our nine-week full-time web development bootcamp, and it was a busy one. During the week, they tackled advanced CSS3 effects and tricks, learned all about responsive design and also learning about running a sole proprietorship. Outside of class, though, the students have been learning and working on all sorts of different things! Check out their blog posts below to see what our students had to say about their second week at HackerYou.

**Alison Kinross **- @awkinross

---Why I chose to learn web development with HackerYou

**Amy Allen **- @inquisitive_amy

--- Typography on the Web

**Christopher Miller **- @christopherRm

--- Cows to coding

Emma Harris - @emmaraeharris

---Week 2 Project

Evelyn Low - @evlow

---Dismissing Doubts and To Keep Doing...

**Gab White **- @gabwhite

---3 Weeks In: Thoughts on my Toronto home

Habib Akbar

---Week 2 Complete @ HackerYou

Jenn Brewer

---Never Stop Learning – HackerYou Week 2

**Jessica Duarte **- @jessicaduarte

---How To Animate SVGs For Total Beginners!

Lindsay Fry

---Using CSS to Create Some Cool Effects

Sharon Chan- @shrnchn

---Week 2 at HackerYou

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