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HackerYou Spring '14 Bootcamp Student Blog Post Roundup: Week 1

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HackerYou Spring '14 Bootcamp Student Blog Post Roundup: Week 1

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The Spring 2014 cohort of our full-time front-end development bootcamp started last Monday, and our new students have been blogging about what they've been learning and about their journeys toward becoming front-end developers. Whether you're curious about what they've been working on, looking to learn some new things about web development personally, or are interested in hiring some amazing web developers once they're graduate on June 13th, check out this week's blog posts from our HackerYou bootcamp students:

Anna Colebatch - @anna_cdot

---"You work from home? Nice!"

Corbin Jensen - @corblog

---"YEE-HAW! – Week 1 Roundup @ HackerYou"

Daniel Guay

---DNS. Three big letters every freelance web dev should know a little about.

Emily Porta- @agentemily

---My second site

Jennifer Abela-Froese - @Jabelafroese

---Expanding my Horizons from Print to Web

**Krisztina Kun **- @kunstudios

---Quick, easy and free ways to make your site look great

Logan Greer - @logan_greer

---A UX Approach to Front End Development

Margaret Reffell - @MargReffell

---Forget everything you thought you knew, it’s time to start over…

Rayhan Vevaina- @ray_vevaina

---Wireframing - A Front-End Developer’s best friend

Simon Proudfoot - @proudfeet_

---Out of the frying pan, into the fire

Vanessa Marion-Merritt - @vanessamerritt_

---How to blog code on WordPress: Y U NO?!

Wisam Zaghal - @_wzaghal

---8 things to keep in mind as you embark on your programming journey

Zoe Daniels - @zoejokes

---Is Web Development Bad For The Environment?

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