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HackerYou is now Juno.Find out more.

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Hey there, designers: You're the perfect fit for HackerYou

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Hey there, designers: You're the perfect fit for HackerYou

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Absolutely. CSS & HTML are designer's tools now RT @thisishackeryou: What do you think? Do designers need to know how to code? — Wes Bos(@wesbos) February 7, 2013

The question of whether or not designers should know how to code is an interesting one. For years, we've heard strong arguments from both sides. Keith Butters, co-founder of The Barbarian Group, described the back-and-forth argument succinctly in this .Net article: "You’re a designer, you do design, you let the coders code. Or alternatively, the manifestation of your work is code, so you should know how it's done. Back. Forth." Lots of people have written articles and blog posts on the topic. Like this one. And this one. And this one.

But really, no matter what side you're on, it's worth knowing that designers who do want to learn have options - even if what they're looking for is an in-person classroom learning experience.

If you're a designer based in the GTA who is interested in learning how to code, HackerYou's Web Development course might be perfect for you. It's an opportunity to learn HTML5 and CSS3 from the ground up, without ever having to leave your job (since our classes are part-time, in the evenings). The hands-on, project-based nature of the classes makes them really enjoyable, even after a long day at the office, and the 10:1 ratio of students to instructors ensures there's always someone there to answer your questions, so the class moves fast (just how you like it). Plus, you get to learn from Wes Bos and some of Toronto's most talented front-end developers - you'll feel right at home.

Whether you decide to join the course because you want to make more informed web design decisions, begin presenting clients with mockups in the browser, take on more complex interaction design projects, communicate with front-end developers more effectively, or bring beautifully-designed personal or side projects to life on the web, HackerYou's Web Development course will get you there. And, designers, we love having you!

But don't take our word for it - here's a list of a few of the designers who have attended HackerYou's Web Development course led by Wes Bos, or will be joining the March 19th cohort:

Ryan Bannon | @rdbannon Partner/Creative Director, Playground http://playgroundinc.com

Adam Romano | @adamromano Art Director, Playground http://playgroundinc.com

Frank Maidens | @studiofunction Founding Director, Studio Function http://studiofunction.com

Marc Jenkinson | @MRCJNK Graphic Designer, Navigator, Ltd. http://navltd.com

**Chris Gayle ** Designer, Hello SOS http://hellosos.com

Tania Fitzpatrick | @red_dotdesign Owner/Designer/Art Director, Red Dot Design http://reddotdesign.ca

Andrea Saxe Graphic Designer, Schoolhouse Products http://schoolhouseproducts.com

...plus more!

Are you a designer who is ready to learn to code? Join us this spring for a learning experience you won't regret. Learn more and then apply before February 15th for earlybird pricing.