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How Canada Learning Code Can Get You $250 Off Web Development at HackerYou

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How Canada Learning Code Can Get You $250 Off Web Development at HackerYou

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If you’ve taken the Digital Skills for Beginners course at Canada Learning Code and found that you liked the web development lessons that you experience, you’re likely looking to continue your coding journey. Though there are many options when it comes to learning to code, at HackerYou, we think the best learning environment is a hands-on, beginner-friendly classroom, filled with eager students, passionate mentors, and talented instructors. We’ve spent years perfecting our learning format, and we’re confident that our classrooms are the perfect place to learn to code.

Our classrooms are especially great for those who have had a small introduction to coding - if you learned enough to know you like to code and are ready to invest, HackerYou is the perfect place for you. Though the Digital Skills course at CLC takes you through the basics of a number of different topics like design, coding, and blogging, at HackerYou we narrow in on coding to create a foundational knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Our part-time Web Development course in particular is geared towards beginners, and is a great way for graduates of CLC’s Digital Skills course to continuing learning. Our course covers the fundamentals of web development as well as more advanced concepts within HTML and CSS. It will take you through the entire process of building a website, and leave you with two portfolio ready websites that you coded yourself from scratch. With hands on exercises, regular feedback, and ample opportunities to get help from mentors and instructors, our course is built to give students real, applicable coding knowledge.

As a graduate of CLC’s Digital Skills program, you will receive $250 off your tuition to Web Development Fundamentals at HackerYou. Because we know that our part-time Web Development course is the perfect next step for Digital Skills graduates, we offer this scholarship to make continuing your learning at HackerYou more accessible.


If you were intrigued by the coding lessons at CLC, but you aren’t ready to dive in to another course just yet, our Free Web Development Basics Workshop is the perfect stepping stone. This workshop will reiterate what you learned at CLC and teach you the absolute basics of HTML and CSS. In a friendly, hands-on environment, you’ll get a taste of what a typical HackerYou classroom feels like, and be able to determine whether taking a part-time course is right for you. You can sign up for a free workshop, find out more about our part-time Web Development, or if you’d like to speak to a member of our admissions team to talk more about your unique learning journey, you can book a campus tour.

Free Web Development Basics Workshop