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How to Get Into Bootcamp at HackerYou: Our New Admissions Process

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How to Get Into Bootcamp at HackerYou: Our New Admissions Process

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In case you haven’t heard, we’re making some exciting changes to the Bootcamp admissions process at HackerYou.

Over five years of Bootcamp, we’ve never stopped working to improve our processes. Our goal is to bring in a great pool of Bootcamp applicants and provide the best student experience, plus help to shape a group of successful front-end developers. Every cohort we perfect this process a little more, and now we’ve made a few changes that we’re sure are going to have a big impact. If you’re thinking about applying to Bootcamp at HackerYou, or just want to stay updated on the HackerYou process, here’s what you need to know.

Goodbye Group Interview

Two years ago we started running group interviews to streamline the Bootcamp admissions process. With a small team and only so many hours in the day, it was getting tough for our CEO to personally interview every Bootcamp applicant as she did before. Instead, we decided to move to a group interview format - we’d invite all of our eligible applicants into the HackerYou space to run through a variety of tasks for a few hours, and then pull out the superstars to be part of the next Bootcamp.

Now, two years later, we’ve got a larger team, more time and resources available, and have learned a lot. Though we love the collaborative environment that our group interview created, we now believe that the intensity of the process was stopping some great people from applying. So, to create an environment that inspires a diverse group of students to apply from a variety of backgrounds, we’ve now moved away from the group interview process, with our last one running on March 10th.

Hello Career Services

But of course, when cutting out the group interview portion of the admissions process, we had to replace it with something. So we created a brand new Career Services department, headed by Sarah Kestenberg, our new Career Services Manager and former Head of Admissions.

Sarah will now not only be in charge of getting the right people ready for Bootcamp, but also helping them make a career transition after Bootcamp. This new role will make it possible for Sarah to have a one-on-one relationship with every student, so she can make their HackerYou experience the best it can be from start to finish. Plus, an individual interview with Sarah will now replace the group interview, following the video interview and technical assessment that have always been part of our admissions process. Read more about our full admissions process here.

New Rolling Acceptances

Another change that has been made to our Bootcamp admissions process is our transition to rolling acceptances. Previously, when you applied for Bootcamp you were only able to apply for the next upcoming cohort. You would submit your application, complete your video interview, write your tech test, and if successful, you’d have to wait for the next group interview to come in to the space with all the other applicants. If you were selected from the group interview participants, you would find out if you were accepted shortly before Bootcamp.

With the group interview portion of the process being cut out, this has made it possible to move to a rolling acceptance format. This means that no matter when you apply, you will submit your application, complete your video interview, write your tech test, and if successful, come into the HackerYou space immediately to meet one-on-one with Sarah. After this interview you’ll find out the results right away. You could be given early acceptance into Bootcamp, or you might have to wait a little longer to find out if you were selected from the remaining pool of applicants. Or you could be asked to improve your skills and apply again in the future.

This rolling format not only means that some students will find out about their acceptance much earlier and be able to make arrangements and prepare for Bootcamp, but it also means that you can apply to any Bootcamp in the upcoming year. If you’re not ready to take the next Bootcamp or it doesn’t work for your schedule, you’re welcome to apply for another upcoming cohort. This gives students much more needed time to make plans and prepare for their future.

These new processes take everything we have learned over the years of Bootcamp at HackerYou and put them into one streamlined, inclusive admissions process. We know that not only will these changes make our jobs easier in finding great applicants like you, but will make your HackerYou student experience much more enjoyable.

Are you ready to launch your Web Development career with Bootcamp at HackerYou? Apply now to get the process started.

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