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Neil Chudleigh: Why Learning Vue.js is a Great Option for Front-End Developers

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Neil Chudleigh: Why Learning Vue.js is a Great Option for Front-End Developers

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Neil Chudleigh, Founder and CTO of PartnerStack (formerly Growsumo), is passionate about development and helping companies scale through global partnerships. Neil taught his first Vue.js workshop at HackerYou this year, and it went over so well that we decided to run another one in 2019.

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework focused on building great user interfaces. At its core, Vue.js focuses on the view layer of your application, making it very easy to integrate into existing applications. Before launching into our second workshop we wanted to chat with Neil to find out a little more about him, his role at PartnerStack, and why you should learn Vue.js. Here’s what he had to say.

What are your core responsibilities at PartnerStack?

I started PartnerStack (it was called GrowSumo at the time) with three friends during school. My responsibilities have evolved over time, getting more specific as we add members to the team. Right now I am doing Javascript, Go, and Python development. I also handle building the deployment flows and architecture of our platform.

Why is Vue.js an important and valuable framework for Web Developers to know?

Vue.js is great in a lot of ways. For starters it is easy to get up and running. You don’t need complicated build tools to get going - the API is small and well documented. I mean really well documented, to date it’s the best documentation I have ever read. The core plugins (router and state management) are first class. They are written by the creator and a core dev team, they are performant, and they can be added to your project if or whenever you need them. Vue.js is also quite light (20kb min+gzip) so you can easily justify loading it in for a small component in an otherwise static application.

What is your favourite thing about Vue.js?

My favourite thing about Vue.js is the community - it’s growing quickly and is very supportive. There are great forums where you can ask questions and often get an answer from the core team or very involved contributors. There are tons of resources to learn from and libraries you can leverage to get stuff done quickly.

What is your advice for someone who is thinking about switching into the tech industry or becoming a developer?

Explore your curiosity and become passionate about your work. Obsess over the details. Learn and understand as much as you can. Start conversations with people more experienced than you. Learn from their code. Development is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes a lot of time and dedication to learn. But if you can find enjoyment in the process of constant learning and building, it is a really sweet gig.

No matter why you’re interested in learning Vue.js, this framework can help you level up your JavaScript skills and add to your toolbox. And, with Neil’s guidance, you’ll be sure to leave this workshop with a new skill that you can immediately start applying to your projects, and add to your resume.

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