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HackerYou is now Juno.Find out more.

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Our Favourite Resources

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When you are becoming a developer, there are lots of things you need. A domain, web hosting, design assets - the list seems endless. And, on top of that, there are tonnes of different places that supply the same products. When you’re trying to decide who to trust with something as important as your online presence, it can be tough to know where to turn. At HackerYou, we’ve tried it all, and we have a few favourites. We’ve listed them below, and though we might get a little commission if you click on a link and make a purchase, we stand by these products 100% and you can even find some discounts below!


You need a domain to launch a website! Both of these options are great, and Hover is based in Toronto if you’d like to stay local!

Web Hosting

You also need hosting to run a website. All of these options are comparable to each other, and just comes down to your own personal preferences - we use Bluehost for the HackerYou website!

Design Resources

Whether you’re looking for a PSD design to use for your portfolio, some icons to use on a project, or just some simple images, the resources below are some of our favourites.

Other Resources

Treehouse Online Learning: This coding resource helps you continue your learning online!

NordVPN: If you're worried about your internet data being tracked, use a virtual private network like NordVPN.

DevLifts: Want a workout targeted specifically towards the busy, sedentary lifestyle of a developer? Try DevLifts. If you're a student or alumni, use promo code HACKERYOU for 25% off all subscriptions (fit.Start or Premium) or if you’re a current student, use promo code HACKERYOUSTUDENT for free fitStart plans.

Cleary Contacts: Seeing the screen is important if you’re a developer. Fill all your glasses and contact needs at Clearly Contacts.

Quickbooks: If you’re freelancing and want to keep track of your finances, get 50% off Quickbooks online by clicking through.