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Is a Career in Web Development for You? Take the Accelerated Web Development Course and Find Out in Just Two Weeks

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Is a Career in Web Development for You? Take the Accelerated Web Development Course and Find Out in Just Two Weeks

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Our first ever Accelerated Web Development courses have just wrapped up! Blending our part-time content with our full-time vibes has paid off – we’re in love with the new format, and we know you will be, too.

The first Accelerated Web Development Fundamentals session ran from July 9th – 12th, with the first Accelerated Advanced Web Development session running July 16th – 19th. Twenty-four students arrived at HackerYou Monday morning with no coding knowledge, and left two weeks later knowing how to build a completely functional and responsive website.

What Makes Accelerated Different?

So, what makes this new Accelerated format different than the web development courses we’ve been running successfully for years? The content is identical, but the learning format and experience are what make Accelerated special.

Each Accelerated course is four days long, with a total of twenty-eight classroom hours. Compare that to the six day, thirty-six hour learning experience of our standard courses, and the numbers are close. To optimize our content for a full-time setting, we replaced in-class project work time with optional office hours and cut down on lesson recaps. But, the real difference is that Accelerated happens in four consecutive full-time weekdays, rather than over the six weeks that our standard courses span.

This means that our Accelerated students get the full-time community atmosphere that our Immersive Full-Time Web Development Program (Bootcamp) offers, with the beginner-friendly content of our flagship part-time courses. You might even say it’s a coding basics bootcamp for beginners!


Who is Accelerated for?

Our first Accelerated students were from a variety of backgrounds. We welcomed a project manager who wanted to learn the basics of development so she could better communicate with the developers on her team; a musician and former sailing captain who wanted to take on development as a sustainable side hustle; an accessibility consultant who wanted to understand development to be a better member of the inclusive design team; a technical trainer who wanted to get a better grasp on the basics of HTML and CSS; and many more.

The variety of students in our first Accelerated courses proves that this format is for anyone and everyone who has a desire to learn to code. If any of the following situations sounds familiar, Accelerated might be perfect for you:

  • You’re thinking about applying for our Full-Time Web Development Immersive program and want to fly through the basics in time to apply for an upcoming Bootcamp (the Winter application deadline is November 16th).
  • Web development knowledge might help you level up at work, and you want to take a few days of vacation to make the most of your learning experience.
  • You want a preview of what our full-time bootcamp experience is like!
  • You want to quickly learn the basics of HTML and CSS to find out if this is a career path you might like to consider.
  • Your weekdays are free and you want to learn web development so that you can start a side hustle of your own.

How do we Know Accelerated Works?

We already knew people loved our part-time content and our full-time format, but we wanted to find a way for them to work together. With a little rejigging and a lot of hard work from the Accelerated team, we launched our first sessions. As you might have guessed, the response was great, and the results have been even better. With 100% of students handing in their Fundamentals PSD Conversion project, we have some great work to showcase, and even more exciting accounts of the amazing student experience that Accelerated has offered. Check out some of our favourite reviews below!

I had a great time and learned a lot. It was a great introduction to the community of HackerYou and a nice way to see if you are the type of person that can handle an immersive course. It was only two weeks of 10-6 but you are learning something nearly every hour of each day and putting it into practice. I definitely feel more confident in my Web Development skills and feel like I accomplished something great. - Luca, Read full review here.

This course offered a novel structure that appealed to me: an intensive, full-time, two-week dive into front-end web development. The teachers are uniformly engaging and the learning style—short "lectures" interspersed with longer code-alongs and independent work—suits the material well. It's a surprisingly fun environment for eight-hour days spent at your computer. - Brian, Read full review here.

There are so many different situations that make our Accelerated Web Development courses perfect for so many different people. Our next Accelerated Web Development Fundamentals course runs August 13th-19th, and our next Accelerated Advanced Web Development course runs August 20th-23rd. Apply today to meet with a team member and find out if HackerYou and Accelerated are right for you!