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What You'll Build in Our Web Development Immersive Program: Projects from Nine Weeks of Front-End Bootcamp

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What You'll Build in Our Web Development Immersive Program: Projects from Nine Weeks of Front-End Bootcamp

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Each Demo Night, we select a few students to showcase a variety of skills and projects that they’ve created throughout their time at HackerYou.

Incase you missed our latest Demo Night festivities, or want to take another look at any of the featured projects that were presented by our Summer 2018 cohort, you can check them out below.

Project 2: Responsive PSD Conversion by Daniel Kahn


For Project 2, our students were tasked with building a responsive website from a static PSD desktop design. Students were responsible for building websites which could operate on phones and tablets while remaining true to the desktop version. This project by Daniel Kahn is responsive down to 320px, which makes it look great on any device, from a 27-inch desktop, down to a small smartphone screen. All information which was displayed with a mouse hover on desktop computer screens is displayed by default on mobile screens to ensure that visitors have access to all information regardless their device’s screen size.

View Project Live | Daniel's Portfolio

Project 3: 64 by Hugh Rowland


For Project 3, students were tasked with creating a simple application using jQuery. This project by Hugh Rowland is a simple game, similar to connect four. Just like the original game, you need to connect your pieces into a complete row/column/diagonal to win. The twist is that it's 3D and there are five different views in play - top, front, back, left, and right. If you visually connect your pieces on any one view, you win the game!

View Project Live | Hugh's Portfolio

Project 3: Juicy Jostle by Shangni Hu


Another take on Project 3 is Juicy Jostle by Shangni Hu. This project is a colourful jQuery game based off of the game 2048. Using the arrow keys you move all the pieces on your board in one direction, if 2 fruits of the same kind come in contact with each other, they will combine to create a more complex fruit. The goal of the game is to keep combining fruits until you create a fruit salad! You can also enter your name on the winner’s screen to post your score to the leaderboard.

View Project Live | Shangni's Portfolio

Project 4: GetGo by Susie Kim & Moin Gani


For Project 4 students were put in pairs and tasked with creating a project using APIs. This project by Susie Kim and Moin Gani is a travel app that gets information about where you're going. This app also consolidates data from DarkSky API, the Sygic Travel API, and the RESTful Countries API after the destination city is determined by Google Geocoder. After selecting your destination, this app provides the user information about the top attractions, weather, language, currency, and tours available.

View Project Live | Susie's Portfolio | Moin's Portfolio

Project 5: Virtual Recipe Box by Kera Johnson


For Project 5, students were tasked with creating a project using React. This virtual recipe box by Kera Johnson does exactly what it claims to do. It keeps the users favourite recipes in a firebase database for them to easily access (i.e in the grocery store, searching for dinner inspiration, etc). Users can log in, take a look at previously saved recipes, and add new ones for later. As well, a user doesn’t need to authenticate to view recipes, since there is a community recipe board for everyone to use.

View Project Live | Kera's Portfolio

Project 5: The Financial Report Card by Khoi Pham


Another Project 5 using React is The Financial Report Card by Khoi Pham. If you own stocks in US companies and are tired of scrolling through a 100-page annual report to get to the numbers, The Financial Report Card offers a QUICK lookup of the past financial performance of US publicly-traded companies. The information is displayed in a line graph or in tabular form to make it easy to digest and view at a glance. This fully responsive app was built using React, with react-autocomplete and Chart.js as the main features, and data is drawn from the IEX and FinancialModelingPrep APIs.

View Project Live | Khoi's Portfolio

Project 6: ODE by Spencer Roberts, Ashley Hellyer, & Shai Kirmani


For Project 6, students were put into groups and given a client brief to build from. This react application that pays tribute to magnetic poetry was built by Spencer Roberts, Ashley Hellyer, and Shai Kirmani. In this app, users provide a poem topic and with the help of the Datamuse API the app curates a varied list of words. A poem can then be created by dragging word magnets onto a virtual fridge. Each poem is also stored in firebase, and has it's own unique URL so that it can be shared.

View Project Live | Ashley's Portfolio | Shai's Portfolio | Spencer's Portfolio

Like what you see above and interested in finding out more? You can view a full list of all our current students, or you can find out more about our Web Development Immersive (Bootcamp) below.

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