HackerYou is now Juno College of Technology. Find out more.

HackerYou is now Juno.Find out more.

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Is HackerYou the Right Choice for You? Our New Website Will Help You Decide

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Is HackerYou the Right Choice for You? Our New Website Will Help You Decide

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The new HackerYou website launches today, and we’re so excited to share it with you!

After months of design, development, writing, photography, and lots of hard work, we’re so proud of what we’ve created. Our website is now a polished online representation of all the amazing things that HackerYou has to offer.

Why did we decide to redesign?

The HackerYou website has always served us well. Designed by Studio Function in 2012, the first ever HackerYou website featured bold colours, strong typography, and an approachable design. After our expansion into a bigger work space in 2014, we knew it was time to redesign the original site to put focus on our new full-time web development bootcamp and the community of students and alumni that had begun to grow, so Studio Function stepped up again with a new design built on WordPress.

In 2017 we decided it was time to redesign once more to showcase ourselves as the front runners in coding education that we have become. This time around, with an all-new design from The Working Group and in-house development by the HackerYou instructor team, our online presence is stronger than ever!

Organizations change, and websites have to evolve with them. HackerYou has grown so much over the past few years - toward the middle of 2017 it became clear that we needed a new, refreshed website to reflect HackerYou as it exists today. Plus, it was fun to have our own development team tackle building the site, using the exact same best practices we teach our students every day. - Heather Payne, CEO

So what’s new?

There are lots of new and exciting things to check out on the HackerYou website, you could browse for hours (and we hope you will)! We want to highlight some of our favourite elements to get you started.

Pick my Path

Website Mockup Pick Your Path One feature of our new website is front and center on the home page. The Pick My Path tool helps website visitors find out what path is right for them and how HackerYou can help. Whether you are new to coding, comfortable with HTML & CSS, a developer, a HackerYou alumnus, or a designer, this simple tool will help us, help you, figure out your best path.

Try the Pick my Path Tool

Our Story

Website Mockup About Our new about page puts focus on our core values with a bold, striking design. Ideals like being welcoming, providing a ‘wow’ experience, and having fun are vital to who we are at HackerYou. This page looks forward to where HackerYou is headed, and looks back at the story of our six year journey.

Read More About HackerYou's Story

Our Alumni

Website Mockup Alumni The HackerYou community is so important to us, so we knew we had to make sure our new Alumni page reflects that - while making it super user friendly. With a new, streamlined design we put focus on each individual bootcamp grad and their story. With new tabs and an easy-to-use filter function, it’s easy to view alumni by cohort or year, and even find alumni who are freelancing or available for hire. Bonus: scroll through the full list and you might catch a glimpse of some of HackerYou’s furry friends.

See More HackerYou Alumni

Book Our Space

Website Mockup Book Our Space Did you know that we have over 12,000 square feet of space here at HackerYou, and many of our rooms are available for rent? We’ve had bookings from Shopify, Salesforce, Coinsquare, and a ton of other amazing companies from around Toronto. This page now makes it easy to find out more about booking our space with interactive maps, great images, and lots of details. Check it out if you’re looking to book a space for your next event, or even if you just want to see more of HackerYou's awesome office!

See What Our Space has to Offer

Employee Education

Website Mockup Employee Education If you’re an employee looking to gain some new skills, or an employer looking to level-up your team, we’ve got lots of options for you! You can send your employees to our part-time evening programs, with the government paying up to 83% of the cost through the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. Or, if you’re looking for a particular class or skill that we don't yet offer, we can even tailor on-site workshops to fit with your workforce and desired outcomes. This page will give you all the details you need to know about educating your employees at HackerYou.

Find Out More About Employee Education

Building this site was a significant but incredibly rewarding undertaking, as we needed to make sure that this site had the ability to scale as HackerYou does. Moving to a new, modern technical stack for this project was a fun learning experience for the dev team, and it's paid off in a super-fast website that is easy for anyone on our team to use. -Kristen Spencer, Development Manager

The new HackerYou site is built with GatsbyJS and deployed with Netlify, featuring content managed through Contentful. The tech alone is a huge change, but we’ve also stepped up our content on all fronts, featuring updated photography, renewed copy, and a polished design. With a new focus on search engine optimization and a user friendly experience, we're hoping that people out there browsing the web will discover what we already know - that HackerYou is the best place to learn to code. Did you know our space is just like our website - bright, white, and welcoming. Book a campus tour to check out our space and have any questions answered below.

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