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Part-time Web Development: Projects Our Students Have Made in Just 12 Weeks at HackerYou

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Part-time Web Development: Projects Our Students Have Made in Just 12 Weeks at HackerYou

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When HackerYou first started in the fall of 2012, we offered part-time courses on one topic -- Web Development. It was hosted at the Centre for Social Innovation and our students learned HTML & CSS from Wes Bos, a fantastic developer and partner of ours who still teaches at HackerYou to this day. As we've grown, we've added a number of part-time classes to our roster: courses on JavaScript & jQuery, Design, and Ruby on Rails, all in addition to our full-time Front-End Bootcamp. All of these classes have filled a niche and met a demand for the hands-on, project-based learning that HackerYou is known for. But it all started with our most popular course of all, part-time Web Development. One of the most inspiring things about our longest-running course is the variety of work that comes from our students. Their final project is a multi-page, responsive site using all of the skills they've learned since the start of class. Here is a showcase of the talent from our most recent crop of students.

Yaamini Travels

Screen-Shot-2015-06-22-at-2.49.14-PM-1024x626 Yaamini Kanthaswamy created a gorgeous site that tells the story of her passion for international exploration and travel. She quit her job to spend a year abroad, focusing her time in Nepal, India and Southeast Asia. Yaamini took her learning even further by integrating JavaScript in to her project to create the interactive map on her site. The amazing thing about Yaamini's site is the story it weaves; a single, female travelling discovering the world and showing us what her next steps are.

Naishi Wang

Screen-Shot-2015-06-22-at-2.47.17-PM-1024x614 Ivy Wang created a stunning site for Naishi Wang, a freelance contemporary dancer and choreographer based here in Toronto. Making use of Naishi's powerful portfolio of work, Ivy was able to balance a delivery of information while maintaining a crisp landing page. Using HTML and CSS, Ivy integrated a full-page video background. Ivy's site makes you want to learn more about Naishi and his talent as a dancer.

Amanda Milburn

Screen-Shot-2015-06-22-at-2.46.14-PM-1024x628 Amanda dedicated her final project to building a portfolio site to showcase her work as a creative professional and lifestyle photographer. She balances her skill set while also highlighting her talents as a photographer. Amanda made use of jQuery to create a smooth scroll on her site, making the navigation experience very pleasing. Her design choices make this site very easy to use and make you want to get to know Amanda better. Trust us, she's awesome.

The Good & Gracious

Screen-Shot-2015-06-22-at-6.17.38-PM-1024x576 Stephanie Cruz is a a graphic designer by day and baker by night who built The Good & Gracious to show off her culinary talents. Not only does her site showcase the delicious treats she makes, it also is an easy-to-use place for her to receive custom orders. Her clean, semantic code makes for great structure in her multi-page site. It certainly doesn't hurt that we're huge fans of macarons here at HackerYou, too!

Dancer Transition Resource Centre

Screen-Shot-2015-06-22-at-2.48.56-PM-1024x627 Jess Jones used her final project to build out a site that isn't only stunning, but also very useful. The Dancer Transition Resource Centre is a national organization that helps dancers make necessary transitions into, within, and from professional performing careers. Jess took the coding skills she learned in class and integrated them in to her workplace with amazing results. It is a fantastic, well-organized resource and beautifully built.

Want to learn how to build sites like this? We are offering our ever-popular part-time Web Development course again starting August 10th with Haris Mahmood at the helm. Apply now.