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Toronto Accelerated Web Development Courses for Beginners

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Our flagship course, accelerated.

HackerYou's Accelerated Web Development course is open to anyone looking for immersive web development training in Toronto. Prior experience, whether that be through workshops, online classes or in-person training, is not required. Beginners are very much welcome here!

While the content is identical to our part-time Web Development course format, the accelerated format has been engineered for those who would prefer weekday learning at a faster pace. This format is optimal for students or teachers on a break from school, employees on vacation or whose employers are supportive of short-term weekday learning, or those between jobs or contracts.

Our commitment to providing you with the best possible learning experience is what sets us apart. Lead instructors Tiffany Nogueira and Jenny Ngo take pride in inspiring your ‘light bulb’ moments as they introduce new concepts with code-alongs and exercises each day. But your learning doesn’t end in the classroom - we have tons of extra support and mentorship available to help you stay on track. Our Accelerated course is jam-packed and fast-paced, but also designed to be a lot of fun. At the end of each course you'll have a beautiful, portfolio-worthy project worth showing off - not bad for a week's work!

Supercharge your learning and save.

Web Development alumni receive a $2,000 Scholarship off Bootcamp tuition if accepted.


Continuing Education

Accelerated Web Development

In this Accelerated version of our new eight-week Web Development course you’ll learn everything you need to know to build pixel-perfect websites that look great on any screen size. You’ll start off by gaining a foundational understanding of HTML, CSS, and responsive web development, and quickly move towards more complex concepts like flexbox, accessibility, and Sass. With hands-on exercises and tonnes of support, you’ll leave this course with knowledge of industry best practices and the skills you need to build beautiful websites.

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65 hours over 2 weeks

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$2,000 plus HST

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Our Students

What You'll Learn

This course is the perfect blend of lessons and hands-on practice. After each lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to test and strengthen your learning through an exercise or project. Below are a few things you'll learn.

  • HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design
  • Precompiled syntaxes like Sass
  • Converting professional designs to HTML/CSS
  • Best practices for modern web development
  • Website accessibility requirements
  • Responsive web design
  • Intro to JavaScript & jQuery
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    HTML is a markup language, used to define content and structure of a website

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    Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML

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    Responsive web design allows for optimized web experiences across various devices and screen sizes

Accelerated Web Development Student Experience Package

Download our Accelerated Web Development Student Experience Package to get instant answers to some of your most popular questions like is this course for me? and what will it build?. You'll also receive a full lesson-by-lesson course syllabus, a look into the amazing HackerYou community, and an overview of what your next steps should be.

Example Projects


Meet your Accelerated Web Development Instructors!

Jenny Ngo

Jenny Ngo

Lead Instructor & Developer At HackerYou

After graduating from York University with a Bachelor of Education, Jenny found her love for coding through Ladies Learning Code. She is currently HackerYou’s Head of Part-Time Web Development, where she shares her love for coding and teaching with the rest of the HackerYou community.

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Tiff Nogueira

Tiff Nogueira

Director of Continuing Education at HackerYou

Having previously worked in tourism, Tiff Nogueira’s sense of adventure led her to coding in 2015. Beginning her journey with HackerYou’s part-time web development courses, she went on to take the bootcamp program and began her career as a developer in Toronto’s start-up scene. Tiff is currently HackerYou’s Director of Continuing Education, where she inspires others to learn digital skills and discover their passion.

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Adam McMillan

Adam McMillan

Lead Instructor & Developer at HackerYou

Before joining the HackerYou team, Lead Instructor Adam McMillan was squashing bugs and customizing themes for Out of the Sandbox. On the side, he mentored HackerYou's Part-Time Web Development courses. He's passionate about three things: creating a welcoming environment for those new to coding, Batman, and tropical prints.

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Accelerated Web Development FAQs

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