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Toronto Coding Bootcamp: Web Development Course

Web Development Immersive_



An intensive, nine week program leading to a rewarding career as a web developer.

More than leading-edge skills development

There are lots of places you can learn to code. Our Web Development Immersive (Bootcamp) is for you if you're ready to take the leap to pursue a career as a Front-End Developer. Your experience in this program is about more than just taking a deep dive into JavaScript and React. With curriculum focused on current industry best practices led by a world-class instructor team, you’ll graduate from HackerYou with the skills and knowledge you'll need to land a junior front-end developer position. We're the experts in getting you there.

The best of the best

Our selective admissions process allows us to round out each cohort with a diverse group of skilled and highly motivated students. When you’re accepted into Bootcamp, you’re joining a community of driven people who share your career goals and values. What follows is a life-changing nine weeks that will prepare you for a career transition, forming lasting friendships along the way. Our Bootcamp is challenging, for sure, but you’ll come out of it primed for success and incredibly proud of yourself.

  • Mon-Fri / 10am-6pm
  • 315 Hours over 9 Weeks
  • 5/5 Reviews
  • 10:1 Students to Instructors
  • Graduation Certificate

Award Winning Bootcamp

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Next Bootcamp Deadline

Make sure to fill out your bootcamp application by 12pm EST on February 15, 2019!

What You'll Learn

Your time in Bootcamp is about more than just technical skills. Below are a few things you'll learn. For a complete program overview, download the syllabus.

  • HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design
  • Web accessibility requirements
  • JavaScript fundamentals, jQuery and using REST APIs
  • React and Firebase for rich interactive application development
  • Paired programming & working in teams
  • Project presentation and public speaking best-practices
  • Personal branding and how to position yourself to employers
  • Design competencies and considerations
  • HTML icon


    HTML is a markup language, used to define content and structure of a website

  • CSS icon


    Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML

  • JavaScript icon


    A client-side programming language that controls the behaviour of websites

  • jQuery icon


    A JavaScript library designed to simplify the way we write JavaScript

  • RWD icon


    Responsive web design allows for optimized web experiences across various devices and screen sizes

  • React icon


    A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

  • Gulp icon


    A toolkit that helps automate and optimize our development workflow

  • Git icon


    Git is an open source version control system

Example Projects

Dates & Costs

All of our Bootcamps are nine-week, full-time commitments that run during the Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

Spring 2019


Apr 22 - Jun 21


10am - 6pm

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483 Queen St. W


Demo Day: Jun 19


+ $250 Registration Fee, No HST

*As of our Winter 2019 Cohort, the price for Bootcamp has increased to $12,000. We've also added a mandatory six-week part-time course to the end of each Bootcamp.

Learn more

Con-Ed Web Development or JavaScript Alumni?

You're eligible for a $2000 discount on the bootcamp.

Taken other Con-Ed HackerYou Courses?

You're eligible for up to $1000 off the bootcamp.

Financial Assistance

Check out our FAQ Section for more details about your options.


While we encourage all interested applicants to apply, to gain acceptance into our Bootcamp you must:

  • Have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Have demonstrable knowledge of HTML & CSS. You will be required to successfully complete a technical assessment using HTML and CSS best practices in order to advance through the application process.
  • Complete a recorded video interview, then attend an in-person interview in order to determine culture fit.

All HackerYou Alumni are eligible for discounts on our Bootcamp. Contact us for details.

What We Look For

  • Motivation
  • Coding Experience
  • Leadership Potential
  • Resilience and Adaptability
  • Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • ...and people who are nice!

Attend a Campus Tour

Want to see HackerYou before making a decision?

Our Grads

Our graduates work at some of Toronto's most innovative companies. See more.

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From application to graduation, your experience will look something like this…

Application & Admissions

We consider your potential to thrive as a member of the HackerYou community just as much as your technical abilities. To begin the application process, you will complete a video interview and an HTML & CSS-focused tech challenge. Those who are successful will be invited to an in-person group interview and acceptances will be sent out the following week. Our Bootcamp admissions process is structured to ensure that everyone accepted has what it takes to be successful not only as a Front-End Developer, but as a member of a development team and the tech community at large.

Inside the Classroom

Over your nine weeks with us, you’ll follow a proven curriculum that is constantly updated featuring industry best practices. From HTML to React, our instructors take care to create lessons that are hands-on, exercise heavy and perfectly paced. Group work, portfolio projects, weekly presentations, and afterhours mentor sessions will deepen your knowledge of each topic.

Your Community

One of the best things about enrolling at HackerYou is joining our incredible community of alumni. Feeling stuck on certain concepts, or just need some support? We’ve got you covered. Just reach out on one of our dedicated Slack channels. You will also be paired with a “Bootcamp Buddy”: a past graduate who will be available as a support system throughout your experience. We also run after-hours mentoring sessions during which alumni volunteer their time to assist with that week's topics.

Bootcamp Life

Because learning new concepts eight hours a day for nine weeks straight can be exhausting, we make sure to balance out curriculum with a lot of fun. You can look forward to things like morning kick-off games, Salad Club on Wednesdays, and Show-and-Tell on Fridays, and much more. Oh, and you’ll also have the opportunity to grab a fob for 24/7 access to the space. It’s not uncommon for students to come hang out and work on projects on the weekend or late into the evening. Sure, it’s going to be an intense nine weeks, but you’re going to have a lot of fun and make long-lasting friendships, too!

The Job Hunt & Career Support

Your job hunt officially begins on the last day of the Bootcamp, when you show off your newly minted portfolio to potential employers at Industry Day. After Bootcamp is over, HackerYou's CEO, Heather Payne, hosts a weekly meeting to support you as you transition from bootcamp to job hunt. After about a month, she moves to one-on-one meetings with job seekers to help everyone implement the HackerYou job hunting strategy, informed by everything we’ve learned from helping graduates who came before you. Even once you’ve started working, our team is available for career support. Heather and other team members are happy to offer one-on-one advice anytime. We're just a Slack message away!

Hacker You Students Solving a problemTwo hackerYou instructors wearing JavaScript t-shirtsHackerYou students and staff having a huddle

Instructor Team

Meet your lead, supporting instructors and mentors for our bootcamp.

    Zoe Daniels

    Zoe Daniels

    Zoe is an experienced front-end developer who has worked on products for Hyperloop, HBO, and Rolling Stone. In 2014, she had such a good time as a finalist at Cultivated Wit's Comedy Hack Day in New York that she brought the event to Toronto the following year. She's currently a lead instructor at HackerYou's bootcamp.

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    Asaf Gerchak

    Asaf Gerchak

    In a past life, Asaf Gerchak was a barista and writer, but finally got tired of fields that were only marginally employable. He took HackerYou's bootcamp back in 2014 and has been delighted to be fully, wholly employable in a field he loves. He is currently one of HackerYou's lead instructors and is excited as can be about the whole thing.

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    Jenny Ngo

    Jenny Ngo

    After graduating from York University with a Bachelor of Education, Jenny found her love for coding through Ladies Learning Code. She is currently HackerYou’s Head of Part-Time Web Development, where she shares her love for coding and teaching with the rest of the HackerYou community.

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    Adam McMillan

    Adam McMillan

    Before joining the HackerYou team, Lead Instructor Adam McMillan was squashing bugs and customizing themes for Out of the Sandbox. On the side, he mentored HackerYou's Part-Time Web Development courses. He's passionate about three things: creating a welcoming environment for those new to coding, Batman, and tropical prints.

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Bootcamp FAQ

I have no prior coding experience. Is the Bootcamp right for me?


What kind of job support do you provide?


What do you look for in applicants?


I’m interested in Bootcamp, but I’m going on vacation and might miss a few days. Can I still enrol?


Find Out More

Come meet HackerYou's CEO, Heather Payne, at the next Info Session!