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Part-Time Web Development Courses in Toronto

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Our flagship course will provide you with the knowledge to create beautiful front-end web experiences.


Our Con-Ed Web Development course is designed for tech-savvy beginners - no prior experience is necessary. Each class is exercise-heavy, and our 10:1 student to mentor ratio means that you won’t ever feel left behind. In addition to in-class exercises, there are plenty of additional take-home exercises and coding challenges to sharpen your skills. You’ll leave these courses with beautiful, portfolio-ready websites built from scratch.


From the moment you walk into your first class you will be welcomed to the HackerYou community by staff, students, and alumni. We are committed to providing an inclusive, safe classroom for all that choose to learn with us. Whether you’re here to start a career transition, upskill at work, or support your side hustle, you’re coming to the right place.

Supercharge your learning and save.

Web Development alumni receive a $2,000 Scholarship off Bootcamp tuition if accepted.


Continuing Education

Web Development

In our new eight-week course format you’ll learn everything you need to know to build pixel-perfect websites that look great on any screen size. You’ll start off by gaining a foundational understanding of HTML, CSS, and responsive web development, and quickly move towards more complex concepts like flexbox, accessibility, and Sass. With hands-on exercises and tonnes of support, you’ll leave this course with knowledge of industry best practices and the skills you need to build beautiful websites.

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48 hours over 8 weeks

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$2,000 + HST

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Our Students

What You'll Learn

This course is the perfect blend of lessons and hands-on practice. After each lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to test and strengthen your learning through an exercise or project. Below are a few things you'll learn.

  • HTML, CSS, and responsive design
  • Precompiled syntaxes such as Sass
  • Converting professional designs to HTML & CSS
  • Best practices for modern web development
  • Website accessibility requirements
  • Intro to JavaScript & jQuery
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    HTML is a markup language, used to define content and structure of a website

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    Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML

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    Responsive web design allows for optimized web experiences across various devices and screen sizes

Web Development Student Experience Package

Download our Web Development Student Experience Package to get instant answers to some of your most popular questions like is this course for me? and what will it build?. You'll also receive a full lesson-by-lesson course syllabus, a look into the amazing HackerYou community, and an overview of what your next steps should be.

Example Projects


Meet your Web Development Instructors!

Jenny Ngo

Jenny Ngo

Lead Instructor & Developer At HackerYou

After graduating from York University with a Bachelor of Education, Jenny found her love for coding through Ladies Learning Code. She is currently HackerYou’s Head of Part-Time Web Development, where she shares her love for coding and teaching with the rest of the HackerYou community.

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Jenny Veens

Jenny Veens

Front-End Developer - Playground Inc.

Jenny is a Front-End Developer at Playground Inc., and a Lead Instructor of our Part-Time Web Development courses. She is also a graduate of our Web Development Immersive (Bootcamp) program.

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Robin Hamill

Robin Hamill

Independent Developer

Robin is an independent Shopify and web application developer, based in Toronto. He loves creating, experimenting, learning and sharing, and is very excited to help others step into the coding community. Purveyor of hot tips and keyboard shortcuts. Gets excited about JSON. Robin is also an avid climber and traveller looking to climb on rocks all around the world.

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Tom Haxell

Tom Haxell

Lead Instructor, Web Development

Tom is a Toronto based Freelancer who develops custom sites for a wide variety of companies. A few of the companies Tom has worked with include Bell Media, TechTO, BlackHart Construction, The Anne Boleyn Bar, Tapmango, and Calibrex Inc. Before becoming a web developer Tom was an event coordinator for Humber College and an actor. Tom is thrilled to share his knowledge of web development with people looking to break into the industry.

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Sarah Lesh

Sarah Lesh

Freelance Developer

Sarah is a Toronto-based freelance front-end developer who loves building easy-to-use, responsive websites using industry best practices and writing clean and efficient code. When she's not writing code, you can find her writing comedy, practicing her downward dog, or wandering the world with a backpack.

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