HackerYou is now Juno College of Technology. Find out more.

HackerYou is now Juno.Find out more.

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Hire a HackerYou Bootcamp grad.

You’ll get a developer with an impressive portfolio of projects and a technical skill set suitable for today’s industry trends. During their nine weeks with us, HackerYou students spend over 400 hours learning HTML, CSS, responsive design, JavaScript, jQuery, React, and Firebase. Our grads are passionate about their craft and motivated to continue their learning as part of your team.

Our bootcamp graduates' skills include:

  • HTML, CSS, and responsive design
  • Precompiled syntaxes like Sass
  • JavaScript fundamentals, jQuery, and using REST APIs
  • React and Firebase for rich interactive application development
  • Version control and open-sourcing code using Git and Github
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Paired programming & working in teams
  • Best practices for modern web development
  • Web accessbility requirements
  • HTML icon


    HTML is a markup language, used to define content and structure of a website

  • CSS icon


    Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a markup language like HTML

  • JavaScript icon


    A client-side programming language that controls the behaviour of websites

  • jQuery icon


    A JavaScript library designed to simplify the way we write JavaScript

  • RWD icon


    Responsive web design allows for optimized web experiences across various devices and screen sizes

  • React icon


    A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

  • Git icon


    Git is an open source version control system

Meet Our Grads

What sets our students apart?


Our graduates have made major financial and time investments in their technical skill sets, and they're eager to prove themselves. It's hard to find this kind of passion elsewhere today.


Diverse teams perform better. A majority of our Bootcamp graduates are female-identifying. Ramp up your organization’s diversity and give your team an edge.

Work Experience

Almost all of our graduates have previous careers, in areas such as design, marketing, video editing, copywriting, and more. Their experience means they’ll have an easy time getting up to speed.

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