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Our Current Bootcamp Students

Our Students_

HackerYou bootcamp students are selected because they have what it takes to become talented front-end web developers.

During their nine weeks with us, they'll spend over 315+ hours learning HTML, CSS, responsive design, JavaScript, jQuery React, and Firebase. With backgrounds in design, marketing, video editing, technical writing and more, one of these students might just be your next hire. To meet them first, contact us.

Ashley Hellyer

    Ben Kelly

      Bill Chuang

        Bahareh Adham

          Christine Tan

            Christopher Arsenault

              Cindy Poon Yeung

                Claire Ristow

                  Cynthia Chiu

                    Daniel Kahn

                      David Tran

                        Dianna Lee

                          Erin Maaskant

                            Hugh Rowland

                              Jeanylyn Lopez


                                  James Macdonald

                                    Jeff Lee

                                      Jesse Huynh

                                        Jessica Sea

                                          Khoi Pham

                                            Kandace O'Brien


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                                              Kera Johnson

                                                Laura Kirkham

                                                  Maggie Deuitch

                                                    Moin Gani

                                                      Nicole Salceda


                                                          Phil Bourassa

                                                            Pratik Gauchan

                                                              Rita Solo

                                                                Ricky Law

                                                                  Rosalie Elphick

                                                                    Scott Girouard

                                                                      Shai Kirmani

                                                                        Shangni Hu

                                                                          Spencer Roberts

                                                                            Stefan Miranda

                                                                              Susie Kim

                                                                                Victoria Chan